Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun, flies and Father's Day!

      That's what we have around here! I can't believe all the flies! I kill them, but just as soon as the door is open, more come in! I'm sitting here dodging them as I write this! Do ya'll have a lot of flies at your house? The back porch is full of them and they are on the door. That's how they come in. I really need to get a bug zapper!

      We had a lot of fun and food on Father's Day! We decided to bake a ham since we had one in the freezer. I made baked beans from soaked beans I soaked Friday night, then cooked in the sun oven Saturday. They were just plain pork and beans, so Sunday, I turned them into homestyle baked beans, and cooked them in the sun oven again! I really like using the sun oven! The summer sun cooks things really fast! That way the inside oven can be used for baking the ham, and the augratin potatoes. The potatoes sure did taste good! I also made a pasta salad and a chocolate cake, both from scratch. They were delicious! Saturday night I made Randy a flan! He loves flan and really liked the one I made. He would like the texture not to be as thick. That calls for another recipe! I like the one I made, but I will try again later. We have had a lot of celebrations this month, with the best one about to come! Actually, it's not really a celebration but a vacation! I can hardly wait to write my next post because I'll be sharing about our trip to the beach! We always take our camper to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, FL every summer, so I'm really looking forward to eating sea food! There goes my diet, if you want to call it that! I'm taking my VitaMix, but it's possible I may not use it. I plan on eating healthy, but I probably won't work out very much. The only exercise I'll be doing is walking, hopefully, a lot!

      The girls are here today with their Mom and are taking a nap, so I am able to write this now. They are so cute napping! Hope ya'll are having fun this summer! Stay cool! Talk to you soon! Blessings from Bama!

Love these day lilies, just wished my camera made better photos.

Such a lovely color!

I really like the colors on this day lily!

The photo makes this day lily look fake!

The honey bees are doing good!

I love this trail mix I made with ingredients I have on hand.

Butterfly bush flower and day lily.

Lulu during nap time!

Win during nap time.

Yas during nap time!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well, I did it again!

      Since I started blogging, I've had two cameras! Can you guess what I've done with them? Left them out in the rain! I'm so sad! At least I had a lot of pictures on the SD card that I can share with you! I'm actually using the first camera that I left out in the rain, and it's doing a fairly good job! I just can't see the photo I've just taken until I download it onto the computer. It's quite different than the Fuji I was using, but I like the size a lot better; and the fact that it only uses two batteries instead of four! Ran was wondering what to get me for our twenty-second anniversary this Friday, and you guessed it! A WATERPROOF camera! He actually found one on Amazon for under a $100! I can hardly wait to use it!

      As you can imagine, it's been raining here lately, A LOT! The girls came Thursday, the day I thought I would write a post, and I had the camera outside taking pictures of them in the pool. I placed it on the table outside to do something else. The next day, when I wanted to take pictures of the girls again, I couldn't find my camera! It occurred to me that I had left it outside on the table. And it had rained ALL NIGHT AND ALL DAY! Remember Tropical Storm Andrea last week? Well, it came through here and dumped a lot of rain on us. Now we are experiencing sun and high temps with extreme humidity! Have you ever felt like you just had a hot shower after walking around outside doing hardly anything, and when you went inside, you got cold? That's the way it feels here! Anyway, the camera will not work, so I found my old camera and now I can take photos until the new one gets here! Yay for Amazon! Walmart had waterproof cameras but they were over $200! Now why would I pay that much for a camera? I can buy several of these for that price! And they do the same thing! 

      With all the rain, everything is growing and getting greener by the day! The garden seems to be doing good, if the squash bugs will leave the squash plants alone! That happens every year! Something eats the summer squash! I even plant them in different beds, but with the same result! The beans are outgrowing their stakes and are blooming! They have pretty purple flowers on them! Speaking of purple, the wisteria is blooming again! I just adore wisteria! Day lilies are in full bloom as well! Looks like the nectarine tree has produced lots of nectarines again this year! And, I've been getting red plums from the plum tree! They are delicious! The raspberries are producing a handful at a time and are delicious, too! Before long, the blackberries will be producing! 

      I hope everything is going good for you in your gardens! From what little I read now-a-days, from ya'll's blogs, it sounds like ya'll are doing pretty good! I'm trying not to sit at the computer too much now! From all the sitting over the last few months, I seemed to have gained weight! It doesn't take much for me to gain weight; that's why I exercise so much! I don't even over-eat! Maybe it's my thyroid? Anyway, I'm trying to take authority over it now before it gets worse! It crept up on me, so I'll keep ya'll informed as to how I do over the next few months. With vacation coming up, it will probably not be easy to work it off! We eat way too much when we go on vacation! Oh well, I'll get back on it when we return home! 

      Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by! Blessings from Bama!

This photo of the beans doesn't show how tall they've gotten or the purple flowers.

Rutgers tomato from Whole Foods.

Zucchini plant.

Straight neck squash.

Two crook neck squash. I need to separate them.

Another tomato plant from Whole Foods.

Aren't these lilies lovely?

I can't believe how dark this day lily is!

Oak leaf hydrangeas.

This yellow rose has grown all over the place!



Blackberry brambles.

The fennel has grown so tall!

Lovely little gardenia flowers! They smell fantastic!

Yasmine opening her birthday present.

Just what I need, a camera!

Lulu in the pool. She doesn't get far from the steps.

They had a fun time cleaning and swimming!

Win and Yas feeding the goat boys.

Randy and five little girls having fun in the pool!

One of the new roses I received for Mother's Day. Taken with the Kodak easy share.

Rubi in her pool!

Randy took the camera apart and it's now in the garbage!

There were three plums! The other was delicious!