Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Almost Time to Carve the Turkey!

      Hey Ya'll! Been wondering about me? Well I haven't stopped blogging, if you're wondering about that. Just slowed blogging down quite a bit. I hope to pick back up after the holidays. I have so much to write about but not enough time to do so! It's unreal how fast time is passing! I mean Thanksgiving? Already? What?

      I haven't been on Blogger in I don't know when until now! I  check Facebook occasionally. And I love YouTube! It's been so helpful for me lately! I don't spend that much time on there, unless I'm eating lunch or taking a break. What I am doing now is trying to eliminate allergens in my body. I have had such a hard time with them since I got over the flu! In fact, I'm wondering if allergies are what caused my sickness! Anyway, I just quit coffee again, this morning. I came off of it a couple of years ago, and continued to have migraines, so I got back on it. The migrains stopped almost immediately! Or so it seemed. I think my eating, or lack of, during that time was more the cuplprit. I have had itchy arms with little bumps or hives since I started drinking Kripy Kreme coffe. I quit drinking that and the itching subsided, somewhat. I changed to Starbucks and was pretty content with that, but I started with cold syptoms: runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. And my stomach has been upset. It seems everything I was tested for when I took allergy tests years ago, has aggravated me! If I ate anything or drank my smoothies, I had stomach cramps and diarrhea! Sorry for the bluntness, but I just wanted ya'll to know what I've been going through. I have lost weight in the process, but that's not how I wanted to lose it! So this morning was the first day in several years I did not drink coffee. My arms aren't itching and my nose isn't running! Do you think it was coffee? I think that was one thing. I also had to quit eating my hens' eggs! And I think chicken is out for awhile! I have been trying to eat more of a vegan type diet, although I still use some things that aren't necessarily vegan. I never though I'd be one of those people who had to cling to a special diet! Thank goodness I can still eat gluten! I have been making more of a whole grain bread that tastes pretty good. It has regular wheat and oatmeal in it. I also added some sunflower seeds for a little crunch. I've had to lay off the smoothies until my tummy gets better. Plus, my Vitamix is out of order. I'm going to have to send it back! I hope it won't take long to repair or replace!

      Our weather today was amazing! I even got to plant garlic! The temp was around 68, and the night is around 51. We've had some cool, rainy days lately. Just two days before, we had strong winds come through. I mean they were strong! Needless to say, our canopy and umbrellas are turned over and destroyed! Of course that's nothing new for us. We have to replace them every year, it seems, because of the winds. I'm glad it's not always windy here! We've had such a mix of weather too! One day 80, next day 55! It's very hard to know just what to wear at times. I like the weather now! I hope it stays this way! How's the weather where you live?

      I have been inspired by How Jen Does It on Youtube! She is so pretty and young, and I've learned a lot from her! Mostly about cleaning and organizing the house! I should have taken before pics, but you'll probably be able to see differences in the photos taken now. I've also been inspired by Joanna Soh. She is certified in nutrition and exercise which is right up my ally! I've been inspired by her to eat much more healthy and lose weight. 

      Randy has been working on sheet rock on the stairwell and that looks so much better! Not only am I paying more attention to the house, but I'm paying more attention to things like my fingernails! I finally gave myself a manicure after I don't know how many years! I'm in real need of one now and I hope to do that tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a good day to do something, don't you think? It's so easy since I stay home to just let myself go. I am trying to impove not only my health, but my appearance as well. I'm not getting any younger, so I am going to enjoy life each day! God has given us so many blessings to enjoy! I'm so thankful to Him everyday! Thanks for hanging in here with me! Blessings from Bama!

Isn't the lake and leaves gorgeous? I look really big in this photo! Glad I'm loosing weight!

A lovely old church in Georgia.

The view from the steps of the church.

Little Riley turned 3!

All my girls are growing up!

I've had this for lunch several times this week and it still looks good! Humus and roasted peppers from our garden, with red peppers on a tortilla.

The ducks are doing very well with the goats. I'm getting duck eggs now!

They love their 'bathtub'!

Mustard greens I hope to cut and cook for Thanksgiving.

A rutabaga! My first time to grow them! Several have gotten huge! I want to cook one for Thanksgiving.

Strawberry plants, lettuce in the middle, then carrots.

Rutabaga plants!

Another big one!

My sweet girls!