Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Hubby's landscaping project and arbor.

He's not finished with the arbor yet.

Fall flag.

Nice view as well.
      If you live in the South, most likely you can see the sun shining and feel the warmth of it while sitting at your computer! At least I can! I love having all these windows that lets in the beauty of outside. I'm about to go out for my daily walk, but I wanted to blog for a moment. I haven't got to do so this week due to some glitch in the computer. I tried to download some photos I just took of this beautiful day, but am having trouble with that.(Just got it done) I do have some other photos to share, however. I didn't take pics of my thrifty finds this past weekend but I found several pieces of fabric for $1.50 ea. a thimble for a dollar, an electric skillet for $3, and some knives for a quarter each. I may have missed something, but I'll let you know later. I hope there are yard or estate sales this weekend! Have a great day and leave a comment if you'd like.

My first applique! It's a Y.

Here's the whole outfit. The shirt came from wm.

Lil Diva pants made with pattern I won from Lil Pink Pockets. These are for Win.

Skylar getting home from school on his first day of driving.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I finally got to see Yasmine!

      She and her dad went to Morocco a couple months ago and got back about two or three weeks ago. She, her Mom, and little sister finally came for a visit. She has gotten taller, but her English hasn't improved much. I guess its hard for a two-year-old to learn two languages at once. We all had a great time together playing and crafting! I have photos, of course!

Yasmine with she and Layla's pumpkins.

Yasmine and her Mom. The canopy in the background  got torn up the rest of the way during the winds we had last night and today.

Yasmine and Layla, just swinging!

I'm looking at the camera this time!

Uncle Ran and Layla.

Jack looking for a ripe tomato. He actually eats them!

Sooo little, but she thinks she's a big girl!

Uncle Ran takes her for a ride on the tricycle until her legs get longer.

The leaves have really changed this week!

She finally looked at the camera!
      It's hard to believe it's the middle of the week and the weekend is almost here again! I love keeping my days busy with family and doing things that I love. Yesterday was a full day of doing things we were not happy with, but will bring happiness in the long run. I took Skylar to the driving range to get his driver's license (Yikes a driving teenager!!!) but he failed the vision test and did not get to take the drivers test. We had to go to the eye doctor and sure enough, he needs glasses! It will be a week before the glasses come in and he can finally take the test. Bummer! But that gives me a little more time to get shoufered  around. I know that's not how you spell that word but spell-check wouldn't work! I will be checking out the craft show-and-tell blogs today and see what all you've been doing. Happy crafting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Warm Days, Cool Nights!

      That's the way the weather has been this past week. The leaves are changing and the angle of the sun is definitely different than in summer! But it is still hot! I love the crisp, cool mornings and cooler evenings after sundown, though. We took in some beautiful sights over the weekend, going to yard sales Saturday, then to Mentone, Sunday. It was our son's sixteenth birthday so he drove us around Sunday. Here are some photos of our excursions:

Mickey in rice at Kobe, Skylar's favorite restaurant.

H.L., Skylar, Randy, and me.

Fire Fun.

You can really tell this is only primer on the door. My wreath left over from last year that I made with 50% off items! I added some glittery sticks from the Dollar Tree this  year.

Friday's yard sale finds, wooden plaques, hoops, spool stand, vase and baby jeans.

Winterlynn really loved the apples we got from Ellijay! She kept on getting them out and biting them.

My two-dollar yard sale purse. I love it!

Hubby loves to play with the children, and they love him! Her first ride in a wheel barrow.

Look at those bare feet! They're taking the corn over to the chickens.

Winterlynn loves to look at her reflection in the window as she rides her pony.


I finally got a face view since it was his birthday.

Hubby is working on the flower bed out front and is now building an arbor. I can't wait to see it finished!

Skyline views from Mentone, AL.

An old inn in Mentone. Festival in front.

We drove to Canyon's after Mentone. Of course we rode in the Jeep!

Saturdays yard sales were all about crafts. The hoop was glued so it splintered when I tried to remove the material. I will check next time.

      Hope you enjoyed your visit! Come back soon! Leave a comment if you wish.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday finds!

My first omelet! Need to do something with all those eggs!

Scores from last Friday's yard sales. One dollar each on the candle sticks!

Little girls name-brand clothing, one dollar each!

Ten dollar rocking horse for five dollars! Going to paint it.

      I went to yard sales this morning and here is what I found:
Several wooden hoops, some .25 some .75; infant blue jeans, .25, spool holder, 1.00, plaques
1.00 and 2 @2.00 wooden beads,.25 ,and wooden ring thrown in. Total:$10.50!

I wasn't even expecting to find these items, but you never know what you're going to find at yard sales!

Here are some photos of last weekends excursion in Ellijay GA:

Love the "old" new courthouse.

The mountains surrounding Ellijay are beautiful!

Two half-bushels of delicious apples!

     Have more to share. Keep checking back!