Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you like my blog's new name?

      I hope you won't be confused about the change, but I felt that it was time to do this. We have been to the beach and back again, and are settling into our regular routine. Summer is in full swing around here with the temperatures in the 95 plus! Supposed to be that way all week! I know that the weather is an issue for the mid-west on to Pennsylvania. Climate change causes it to be that way. I hope that outside workers, such as hubby and son stay hydrated and cool as much as possible!
      I've been trying new recipes in my pressure cooker and hubby says they are keepers. Last night it was beef and refried beans. We spooned it over chips and served it like nachos. Delish! Next time I make this, I will use the rack on the eye so it won't scorch. I also made Ghiradelli Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies, which my hubby said was not a keeper. I love them, though.
       The garden is coming along nicely with lots of little tomatoes and a few large ones. Some rotted due to the extensive watering they received while we were away. We set the timer to water them everyday for an hour, plus, it rained alot while we were gone, thus rotten tomatoes. Cucumbers are growing and tasting mighty good! Everything else, peppers, eggplants, squash, are blooming and making fruit. I ate my first nectarine off our tree ever, today and it was delicious! It tasted a lot like a peach. Peaches should be ready soon. We only have one peach tree, just enough to make icecream, or put in the freezer.
      I am so thankful for so many things! God is so good to us that in spite of everything, life is simply good! Keep your eyes on Him no matter what is going and and your life will be simply good, too.
Captain Andy of the Sea Screamer.

We had a blow-out!

Son taking off the tire.

Hubby and son taking off the tire.

Blown out tire.

Blown out tire.

I'm waiting in the hot camper while they change the tire.

Didn't know crabs were getting on him.

Tiny crabs covered Skylar's shirt from the gulf.

They look forward to riding go-carts several times while we're there.

Me and hubby at the beach.

My Dad.

Sea Screamer going through the channel at the point.

Hubby's only fish.

Mom can still hold her own!

Sea Dragon going through the channel at the point where we were fishing.

Hubby at his favorite fishing spot on the point of the bay.

My Dad waiting on a fish.

Area where sea birds lay eggs.

Some country singers have their yachts there.

Views behind camper across bay.

Our truck and camper.

Our version of "roughing it".

Lady Anderson.

Me and hubby on the Lady Anderson dinner cruise.

My Mom and Dad.

We're waiting in the Sea Screamer.

This home is across the bay from the campground. It is going to be 11,00 plus square feet!
      Here are some photos of our trip. Come back and visit soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrating Freedom and Family

      I am so thankful that we live in a 'free' country, at least it is for now. I hope that it will always be that way for our future generations, but I'm quite concerned how quickly things may change. I don't keep up with all the politics and 'behind the news situations', but I do read some, enough to know that things may not always be as they are now. I don't want to be caught unaware, do you? I want to enjoy life now, and at the same time be prepared for what might happen in the future. I just operate better when I know that a 'possible situation' could occur. If I am at least somewhat prepared, I function much better than when I'm caught unaware.
      We've been working on the garden again this week. Hubby built us some more raised beds, and I'm in the middle of filling them with dirt. I can hardly bear the 88 degree weather because of the humidity! When I walk outside, immediately it slaps me in the face! I come inside the cool house and get cold because my clothes are wet from perspiration. Oh the joys and pains of living in the deep south! But I still love it!
      I haven't had a lot of time to blog and may not again for awhile, so stay cool! Enjoy these photos.
Two new raised beds. 

This photo should be with the chopped wood photos. King snake.

Celebrating 'Memommas's' B'day.

She's a 'big girl' now.

My sister, Me momma.

So full of joy!

Reaching for Aunt FeFe.

They're both sitting?


I really don't like this bow in my hair, Mommy.

Local fireworks display on the Fourth.

We had a great view, of the power lines!

Lemon ice cream tasted too twangy, but the pistachio was delicious!

I forgot the name, but it is beautiful!

I think this is my favorite day lily.

The tomato plants are spreading and growing.

I think 'someone' has been nibbling on the Gold Medals.

Cherry tomatoes.

Strawberry plants.

Hollow Roma's.

A  path to walk on.

Hubby worked hard cutting up this big hickory tree.

I didn't see the snake at first because I was fascinated with a scaly lizard that disappeared.