Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Flies!

     Just thought I'd take a minute and write a quick post before it's August! We've had a very unusual July! The weather has been almost unbearably hot and humid and we've battled sickness! Randy is just getting over pneumonia! He's been sick with a cough for the good part of the summer, but after he jumped in the river to save a man, his symptoms took a turn for the worse! Randy finally went to the doctor after a week of getting sicker and found out he had the walking pneumonia! I'm glad it was that and not a heart attack or stroke! His symptom's at the time could have indicated one or both! The pneumonia, or mycoplasma, the term used in the medical field, is bad enough! He is so much better after taking a week off and consuming his meds! I just hope getting out in the heat and working won't make it worse! Please pray for his complete recovery!

      We have had the girls a lot during the month of July! They had such fun! We colored, cut, and made all kinds of crafty things! And of course, they got in the pool every chance they could. I miss them, as it's been a week since I saw them last! July was such a whirlwind!

      The garden has grown up so that I can't get to the tomato plants because of the weeds! I plan on getting on my boots today and seeing what I can find. The grapes are hanging on the vines, and the apples have pulled the branches down. I just have to keep a watch on them to see when they are ripe. It's my first year for all these apples and grapes, so it's a learning curve for us. 

      I'm looking forward to this coming week since the temps are supposed to be in the lower nineties! They've been in the upper nineties but felt like 100's +! That's when living in the South is such a challenge! But somehow we make it through! Makes Fall such a refreshing time of year! 

      I hope your Summer has been a good one! Hopefully where you live, the weather isn't as harsh as ours! Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day! Blessings from Bama!

My girls sure do love their Uncle Randy!

Little Riley is growing up!

Who knew a golf cart could be so much fun?!

Loving the pool!

Four are 'fimming'!

Mostly rotten, but I will cut off the bad spots and make sauce.

These are such large eggplants!

Our first grapes!