Friday, December 18, 2015

Enjoying the Moments of Christmas! 2015

      Hello Everyone! I hope your weather is as pleasant there as it has been here! We've been enjoying temps in the 60's-70's the past few weeks. Today is much cooler with the highs in the 40's, but that will warm up as well. I'm so glad we haven't experienced the cold weather that was predicted! But, winter hasn't begun just yet!

      I've been really busy lately preparing Christmas goodies. They are actually not for us, but for some trays I'm making for someone. I hope they turn out well! It's my first 'job' since I took the cottage test to be able to sell baked goods from home. So far, so good!

      I'm listening to Pandora Christmas music in the background. It makes the season become real. If not for the music and Christmas tree, it wouldn't even seem like Christmas to me! I've also celebrated another birthday and welcomed a new life into the family! His name is Gavyn, and he is the cutest little thing! I kept one of his sister's (Riley), the first week of his life, so I really miss her! But soon, we'll see them all again! And Yasmine and Layla too! It's so hard to believe the big day is one week away!

      The garden isn't producing very much now. I have received a seed catalog, but I haven't ordered anything yet. I hope our Spring will come sooner than it did last year! I hardly know what to think with cool weather lasting all the way until May! Soon enough, it will be time to get the garden ready! I do spread the goat droppings on the garden several times a week. We still need more cardboard to cover the rest of the garden. Hopefully we'll be able to aquire this during the holidays.

      I hope you all have a wonderful, safe holiday season! Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings from Bama!

My favorite picture of the girls!

The front here has never been painted. Randy is putting on primer.

Peppers from the garden. I cut these up a couple of weeks ago.

My first photo of Gavyn.

A much better picture of him.

April with two of her babies.

Randy sheet rocked the stairwell.

Got to get a pic of Randy holding Gavyn. How do you like his hair? I cut it!

I love the expression on Riley's face as she examines the dead flower. The photo was taken from inside.

Riley wasn't afraid to get close enough to feed them!

Sweet balarina princess!