Monday, February 15, 2016

Learning to Live Lean!

      I hope ya'll had a wonderfull Valentine's weekend! We had a great one! Little Riley spent it with us, so we had a little one on board. She is so dainty and cute! She has a way of reasoning things out to be so young! It's a pleasure having her around! We finally got to go to the first, I believe, Alabama Trader Joe's! It was a very nice store! I am glad to see the prices weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I wished this area would get one! I believe we could support a Trader Joe's! We are getting Panera Bread, so why not? We just recently had a Publix grand opening. They are a very over-priced grocery store, in my opinion. But, they do carry some items you can't get anywhere else in this location.

      Oh yes, back to my title. Living lean: that's what I'm trying to do. I'm not perfect at it and I don't always 'do right', but I sure am trying! I'm loving what I'm doing! Eating more veggies and healthy protein than I thought I could; working out 3-5 times each week; walking outside on pretty days. I love being active and I love to exercise. So, this newer way of living is right up my alley! Yes, I also enjoy cheat meals and treats, but I get right back to eating healthy as soon as possible. I just blended a banana and some strawberry protein powder for an after workout snack. It tasted just like ice cream! I don't care for the strawberry protein powder as much as the vanilla, so next time I'll use that. I eat nuts and dried fruit in between meals, but there's not really much room for them when I'm drinking the protein drinks and/or green juice. Mostly, I stay full. I have also been trying different teas. Trader Joe's has a pretty good selection, so I purchased a ginger pear and a white pomegranite. Both are delicious! I drink them if I get a craving for something sweet, or just whenenver. I also enjoy other teas as well. They seem to work.

      If you want to see who inspired me, check out this channel. He and his wife are so young and cute! Of course I can't do what they do, but I do what I can do! They have several YouTube channels, so look through and see what you can find. I haven't joined them as of yet, but I am thinking about it. It would be nice to have all those dvd's to choose from! Let me know what you think, if you visit them. Oh, and they are expecting their first baby in August!

      We are having a rainy spell today. Looks like clouds for tomorrow! But, the temps are supposed to warm up into the 60's by the weekend! I have been seeing robins lately, and the trees have a sort of red color trying to pop out on the branches. Spring is just around the corner for us! YAY! I hope the weather is pleasant where you live! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings from Bama!

Two grilled chicken patties with a salad. Yum!

My lovely Valentine quiche Randy made for us!

Leftover Carraba's and a healthy salad.

Our first King Cake! It was delicious! I only ate one or two pieces, thankfully!

Oatmeal pancakes with greens and nuts. Yum!

Thai coconut catfish is so yummy!

Leftovers with a salad.

Side selfie. During my weight loss.

My tummy is still poochy.

Our Mardi Gras baby.

If you haven't tried sweet potato chips, they are so easy to make: peel and slice and bake on 400-425 for about 30 minutes. Check about 10 minute intervals until done.

Sweet Riley.

My Valentine's roses and card.

Kale, frozen stir-fry veggies, brussel sprouts, and marinated sliced turkey from Aldi.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Toning and Trimming!

      In more ways than one! Our weather has been like Spring, lately! So naturally, I'm going to be outsided more. I can hardly resist the warm sun and cool breeze! Especially when the temps are close to 70! That's the kind of weather we had this past weekend until Tuesday. Then storms brought in a cold front and much cooler temps. We've had 40's and wind since then, but the sun made it bareable. I got blueberry and rose bushes planted finally! I've been waiting on the right weather for this since I've had them since this past summer. No way am I going to dig holes in the hot, humid weather if I can help it! It's such a nice feeling to have this done! I also trimmed a big rose bush in the front flower bed, way back. I hope I didn't go to far with it! I believe it will come back soon. These warm days will allow the green to force through. I hope your days have been sunny and warm!

      Speaking of trimming: I can tell my body is trimming down! That too is a great feeling! I have a long way to go, but thank God He is helping me stay on track! I attribute all my knowledge to Him because I believe He is showing me the right path to walk. It is a wonderful path! I am more happy than I ever have been! God is so good to us! Yes, there are mountains and valleys, but He is there. I just want to acknowlege Him in all my ways, so that He will direct my paths. God brought to my attention the other day a piece of equipment that we've had for a very long time. It is a Total Gym. Yes, it's the older version, but it does the same as the more modern version. I was so happy when I found out all that it does! I truly don't need to go to the gym! The only thing I want to do at the gym (Y), is tread water with my friend Liz. We are planning on doing that when the time is right. Since I don't have an inground pool, that would be impossible to do here.

      Back to the Total Gym: it is a gym in itself! I'm reading about all that it can do, and I have watched a few YouTube videos on how to work out on it. I combine it with bursts of cardio in between sets. Those bursts really boost your metabolism! That's what I want: to burn more in a shorter amount of time. Interal training is the way to burn more in less time and get the most bang for your buck. I received an interval timer and nice jump rope as an early Valentine's gift. I am really enjoying the timer! It works great! I plan on using the jump rope today. It is weighted, so it will stay on the ground more instead of bouncing all over the place.

      All of this working out wouldn't do much good if I wasn't following a healthy way of eating. I am enjoying the eating as much as the working out! Of course! Ya'll know I love food, and this new way of eating has me preparing all kinds of food! I'm really not limited in some ways. There is such flavor in the food I eat! I couldn't stand to eat bland food, just to lose weight! That's why it doesn't seem like a diet. It it simply a healthier way to enjoy the things I love. I am eating tons of veggies and even more meat than I'm used to eating. I was always afraid that meat would make me fat. Now I know it's not meat, but all the other junky food I ate instead. I would have been better off eating the meat and leaving off the empty calorie food I indulged in. Lesson learned. The meat I eat is chicken, fish, and turkey. I eat a scrambled turkey sausage sometimes for breakfast. I rarely eat red meat as it never has agreed with my tummy. The funny thing about the turkey scramble is I can put a couple of eggs in it now! I had gotten to where eggs nearly made me sick! I can eat them scrambled in the turkey sausage without experiencing that. Food combinations I guess. What I have stopped or nearly stopped eating is sugar and grains. Now, ya'll know I love my homemade bread. I still prepare and eat that, but not every week. Sugar is something I was already working on quitting. Grains, even whole grains spike the blood sugar, so I don't eat them. Only occasional serving of oatmeal pancakes is about the only grain I consume. I really don't miss them! I eat in such a way that I don't think about them anymore. I still do dairy, at least some dairy. The oatmeal pancakes have cottage cheese in them, and I use regular milk in recipes if I don't have almond or coconut milk. And I do eat an occasional piece of cheese. See, I don't deprive myself of the things I love! I believe if I did that, it would set me up for disaster! I even eat chocolate everyday! But it's the way I showed ya'll in the last post. Lately, I've been trying 100 percent chocolate melted with coconut oil and honey or maple syrup to sweeten. It's too bitter without sweetener!

      So there you have it! Ways I've been toning and trimming! I hope you enjoyed reading the blog! I have made changes in followers since some had already been deleted. I really want people to interact with this blog if they are going to read it. There were people following I've never heard of or from. I hope those reading now will let me know by leaving a simple comment. I always do when I read someone's blog. I think that is common courtesy. Have a great day! Blessings from Bama!

There are two 4 ounce grilled on the grill outside, chicken burgers under there.

My  breakfast with green tea. Three oatmeal pancakes with melted coconut oil, walnuts, and spinach.

The white rosebush I trimmed.

I love having these things at home to work out on!

The total gym is going to help me achieve my goal of doing pull-ups on this. The totatl gym was folded up where the guitar is. I never thought about using it before.

My new jump rope and interval timer.