Sunday, August 16, 2015

So IThought Goat Milk Would Sell!

       But I was wrong! My fridge runneth over! I had a few sales, but not consistent enough to keep the milk manageable. She only gave me less than half a gallon a day, but still that was too much. Yes, I could have frozen it, but soon my freezer would be full. It's not that big. So, I sold her. I still have the other doe and her doeling, but I'm not milking her. I hope to sell them together when the right people come along. But for now, I'm just enjoying their presence. I had no intentions of selling the goats when I purchased them. But things didn't work out the way I thought they would. My guys didn't like the milk. The cheese was too goaty tasting, etc. I tried different versions of cheese and they all had that taste. It's the aging that does it. The milk doesn't taste goaty; at least not to me. Homesteading means you have success and you have failures. One must learn to adapt to them both. That's what I love about homesteading! It is a wonderful learning experience!

      The garden is still producing! I think the pinestraw mulch is helping to keep in moisture. I've only had to water a couple of times, in this heat. I still want to make lots of improvements. There again with the learning. I want to get the tall, grassy areas mowed and some sort of mulch put down. If I can get enough newspaper, I'll start with that. Then I want to put down cardboard. Then, I'd love to get woodchips. That is the hardest thing to find. We don't have a muncipality where they dump them. The tree people don't do the chipping; and the Asplund tree workers are hard to contact. God will lead us to them when the time is right. I have faith. 

      The girls didn't come this weekend. I sure do miss them! They are all in school now. And, we found out we're going to have a great-nephew in December! Finally, a boy to go with all these girls! I'm excited to get to spoil a boy again. I haven't gotten to since Skylar. I hope ya'll are enjoying these dog days of summer! I'm trying to, since the weather predictions for winter is not good: cold and rain. My two worst enemies for winter! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings from Bama!

Jalepenos on the left, fooled you peppers on the right. The jalepenos were grown here, the Fooled You elsewhere.

My first canned salsa!

Freshly dug garlic. I had to wait for it to rain to soften the ground. I think I waited too long!

I love this view!

I'm steaming a Candy Roaster pumpkin. I hope it tastes like sweet potatoes. I grew it in our garden.

Locally sourced chicken. We're grilling it today. It's $4.50 a pound! Yikes! Purchased within fifteen minutes from the house. Now that's local!

More salsa. See the chunks of garlic from the garden?

I purchased this honey within walking distance of my house. Nice to have local honey!