Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time 'March's' On!

      And how it does fly! I'm so happy to be sitting here today, sharing with ya'll! There's a lot of growing and planting going on here at the homestead! I like to call it a homestead because to me, that's what it is. I know we don't have 50 or so acres. We don't have a barn, pigs, or cows. But we do have chickens, goats, and a nice garden. We also have an orchard with apple trees, pear trees, plum, fig, and cherry trees. Oh, and of course the grapes and blackberries! I love canning and preserving things I grow. I love cooking from scratch! I love learning how to utilize what we've got instead of spending money. Of course, I like to buy things that make our jobs here on the homestead easier. Such as the 2 wheeled wheel barrow. It was worth spending extra money for a wheel barrow I don't have to try and balance while moving to the desired location. And the list goes on.

      Recently, while watching a YouTube video, I was connected to a new friend. It all started because I've been trying to find Vardaman sweet potatoes. Gurney's doesn't ship them to Alabama, so I was on a mission to find some. Long story short, I was connected to a lady who lives in Mississippi, not too far from Vardaman. She graciously offered to send me some Vardaman sweet potatoes. So I sent her some day lilies. Ya'll know I've got a few of those! The sweet potatoes came in yesterday, and I'm planting them today. One, I'm leaving in water to see how it does. Danny, from Deep South Homestead, saves his smaller sweet potatoes from the harvest, and plants the whole potato in the ground. From there, he lets the slips grow 6-8 inches. Then, he takes the slips and plants them in the field. That's what I want to do. Except I don't have a field. Just a garden. But that's O.K.

      I just came inside from planting those sweet potatoes and it has gotten hot out there! I heard a loud truck close by after I had about 4 holes dug and looked up to see what it was. There was a fire truck, a rescue truck, and a tractor sitting in the road! It was down the hill from my house, but not too far. A tree decided to fall this very windy day and take the power line with it. My friend and I had just passed that way walking about 30 minutes before it happened. I had noticed the tree only yesterday when we walked passed, that it looked dead and I thought one day it would fall. But today? Yes, and I'm glad it's down. Now I can walk by safely without wondering. Thank goodness we are not on the same line! Our power is still on but that side won't be on for some time.

      I always think I will write a post sooner than I do. I'm just glad to get one written once a month! I will try to do better. Thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings from Bama!

I still enjoy drinking the green juice made in my Vitamix!

My 2 wheel, wheel barrow sure is handy in moving this mulch!

What I do with extra eggs? Pickle them!

Plants grown from seeds under grow lights. I am in the process of re-potting them.

These just need to grow more before going into the garden. Plan on getting them in the garden no later than April 15.

We had a pair of guineas. This is all that's left of him. Ms. guinea is still here, thank goodness!

I planted asparagus in this bed. A leftover kale plant also.
Red Norland potatoes coming up.
Kale and onions.

Ms. guinea always stays close to the chicks. But she like to peck at them.

These are Welsummers and Aracaunas.

I think this is a female. Here's hoping!
The green leaves are rutabagas. Further down by the fence and blue cover I planted kale, onions, and the sweet potatoes.

Just had to throw in a pic of Gavyn being silly!