Monday, January 30, 2012

Craft room organized! Well, almost...

      The only thing I'm lacking are the labels for the drawers and boxes. I may get those done later in the week, but for now I'll have to say: "Yay, I accomplished what I set about to do for the challenge!" It wasn't as dreadful as I thought, once I got into it. I just finished up before I sat down here to write this post. It was challenging today because that beautiful sun is calling me outside. I am so glad I stuck with this challenge of organizing my craft room! With the mild temperatures we're having here in Alabama, it's hard for me to stay inside! I love working in the flower beds and the vegetable garden, and doing tasks outside! That's why the craft room needed to get done now! That way, this fall, when I start back crafting again, everything will be in it's place, and hopefully labelled. I go through seasons of crafting, it seems. I'm sure there will be some hot days of summer where I need to be inside during the heat. I can work on a craft or two then, maybe. The Valentine banner is up, even though it still isn't flat, and the words are not visible. I hope everyone who has visited my blog will be glad for the progress I have made. It may not be an overwhelming change, but I certainly can tell the difference! Blessings from Bama! 

Look at that clean table! I never thought it would look like that!

Here is a panaramic view. 

The walkway used to be hindered here, going into the workout area.

Happy Valentine's Day Banner.

I made this wreath some time ago, but it had no home. Now it looks nice on the closet door.

The shirt and table cloth have been taken off the ironing board and ready to put to use.

This area looks cluttered but I want to keep the cardboard boxes and packing paper for future crafts. The drawers need labels.

The plastic boxes need labels as well. They contain patterns and material I've purchased at thrift stores and yard sales.

This panoramic view shows the back of the room, including the exercise equipment and keyboard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More deliciousness from my kitchen!

   I haven't been out of the kitchen much lately, except to go outside for a couple of hours today. The weather has been so nice yesterday and today, so I'm taking advantage of it! When I'm in the house, I cook and wash dishes, and vacuum, get the idea. I love being a housewife, though, even if I don't draw a paycheck ! The couch and chair had to be put on the porch to air out cause hubby sprayed it down with so much Fabreeze, we couldn't breathe. It's in now, but still smells pretty strong. I hope that smell fades quickly! It makes my arms itch! 
      I made mac and cheese from a recipe I got from the country cook. I have copied many of her recipes and have enjoyed all of them. Go visit her. I also use recipes from my collection of cookbooks. It's hard for me to pass up cookbooks at yard sales and estate sales but I occasionally leave one behind. The strawberry jam turned out so good and very pretty! I've used it in cream cheese to spread on a bagel, and mixed it in with plain yogurt. So delicious! I actually have a picture of my carrot cake that turned out so good. I also made homemade salsa today! I have to tell you: it was good! I made chips out of corn tortillas by cutting them in fourths, spraying them with oil, sprinkled salt on top, and baked for about 18 minutes. They were the best I ever tasted! What have you been cooking lately? Have a nice week! Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy these photos! Blessings from Bama!

Aren't these pretty strawberries?

The jam process.

Close-up of the strawberries starting to foam.

They turned so dark and red!

I promise I didn't eat this all by myself!

Hubs likes his food real done so I kind of browned it a little. It is delicious this way!

Freshly made salsa!

I used this to make the salsa. So easy!

Chips in the making.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are we having an early Spring?

      With temps. in the lower seventies yesterday and lower sixties today, one would think so. Especially after the early morning tornadoes that came near this area yesterday! Some places were hit hard and several deaths have been reported. Nothing like April 27, 2011, though. I am thankful once again that we were spared during this weather! It happened at like 4:00 in the morning this time and some folks slept right through the tornado sirens! I don't know how they could, because the sirens are loud! Anyway, it's scary now when those sirens go off! Hubby got up and watched James Spann the weather man, in Birmingham, and at one point, the tornado was predicted to come right through our town. It weekend, however, as it encountered cooler temps., therefore dying down to just severe storms. I don't like talking about this kind of weather, so on to other things!
      I have been in the kitchen all day, loving every minute of it! I finally got the carrot cake made! It's delicious! I also got out my Vitamix and filled it with delicious veggies and turned them into a soup. Yes, the Vitamix cooks! It also freezes! I love my Vitamix and plan on using it a lot this year! The food prepared in it is whole food, meaning you use the whole vegetable, or fruit. I ESPECIALLY love smoothies made in it! I just ate my soup, along with a piece of homemade oatmeal bread baked in my bread machine. That is the best bread I make! Guess what else I'm going to make after I work out with weights? Strawberry jam! I walked outside, today, since it's so warm, then I ate my soup. Now, while it's digesting, I'm writing this post; then I'll go upstairs and use my weights. Next, I'll make my strawberry jam. I got the strawberries at Aldi for $1.99 a quart. My friend made some and gave me a jar and it was the best strawberry jam I ever tasted! Now I've got to make my own! Isn't it nice to have friends and family to share your food with? I'll have to give most of this carrot cake away so I won't eat too much of it. Would you like a piece? Thanks for reading, following, and commenting! Blessings from Bama!
Soup in the Vitamix!

Served with homemade oatmeal bread!

Yummy strawberries waiting to be turned into jam!
Can you believe I'm dressed like this in January, outside?

The sky is so clear and beautiful!

Yes we have chickens, ducks, and geese! I love our fresh eggs!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Estate Sale Find!

         I just had to make a quick post. I was so surprised that there was even an estate sale this weekend! We went; it was half price day and found this lovely sofa and chair! I'm so excited about it so I had to share with ya'll! The only thing, it smells like 'old lady cologne'! How do I get rid of that smell? Will we just have to wait it out? If you have any suggestions, leave me one in the comments, please! Blessings from Bama!
My old couch in the background dwarfs the new couch!

The chair that matches the couch.

A little something in the smoker!

A delicious brown-sugar glazed ham!

Can you guess what this is going to be?

The recipe I'm going to use.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on my craft room for the challenge.

      I've been real busy cooking, cleaning, etc. and last night I worked in the craft room on my tu-tu wreath. I never knew it would take me so long to finish! It's a good thing I got started on it way before Christmas! I wished I had the energy a lot of you Moms and crafters have, so I could zip everything into a completed task as quickly as ya'll do! It just doesn't happen for me that quickly! Maybe you can see  a little dent in my project! At least the wreath is not still laying on the table in it's unfinished state! It's now finished and hanging on the wall! Yay! An accomplishment for me! Are you taking the Mission Impossibilities challenge? You might just get surprised at what you can accomplish if you  try! Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

The unfinished wreath on the table.

Where the wreath was laying.

The finished wreath  hanging on wall.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea. Can you tell I like wreaths?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mission Impossibilities.....

      I've decided to take the challenge going on over at it all started with paint .blogspot .com. Linda has issued a challenge to those who want to participate in the impossibilities challenge. Your project can be anything that seems impossible to get accomplished, but you need a push to see if you could actually do it. This is my push! I actually had planned on organizing my craft room, eventually, but this has caused me to get moving, now! I will post photos of my updates and hopefully, by the 31st, it will be accomplished! Come join the challenge! You never know what you might accomplish if you just try! Oh yea, Rosemary at villa barnes is having a giveaway on her blog. It is a lovely vignette that she made herself! Hop over and enter to win! Here are some photos I took in panarama:
Looks like the wall has a crooked break in it! All this clutter has to get organized!

More clutter to be put away.

At least I have some storage to put things in! 

The little cabinet I want to stencil!

You see here where I spend a good deal of my time because I love working out, but I love crafting, and cooking, and.......!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update on my Valentine Banner....

      I wanted to blog before now but life happens so I just now got a chance! My sweet great-niece was with us on Friday, so I got to spend so special time with her and her Mom. We all had a great time together, and hopefully we'll see them again soon! I made some delicious oatmeal cookies and I wanted ya'll to see my mixing stand. It will be posted below. I really enjoy using my mixer since all I have to do is pull it out and then up. I had the builder to make it that way and he said that was the first one he ever built. He did a great job on it! The other thing I wanted to share is the banner. It is still a little curled up on the edges so I have it laying under heavy books in order to straighten it out. Do any of you have a Cameo and have this problem with the paper curling up after pulling it from the sticky paper? So far, that is the only drawback I've experienced using it.
      I've had a lot of views on my blog and even have a few new followers! Ya'll say the nicest things in your comments! I could just give you all a big ole' hug! I really appreciate you reading this blog and it really blesses me when you leave a comment! There are so many talented people in blog world and I'm thankful to get to read about your gifts and talents. I even try to copy some of them in my own decorating, crafting, and cooking. Ya'll keep on writing and I'll keep on reading and commenting when I can! Love ya bunches! Blessings from Bama
Love my mixing stand!

A Copy-cat recipe. Tastes almost just like them!

Trying to capture the beautiful sunset.

Pink sky at night....

See how it's curled.

The font is too small and dainty for this.

The font show up nicely against the pink, though. I'm going to change this.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liebster Award!

      I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I've been awarded the Liebster award! It is awarded to bloggers who have 200 followers or less. I have twenty-four special people following me and hopefully more will join soon, so that qualifies me.                  
Thanks Shasta! Visit shasta at You'll be glad you did! If you receive this award, make sure you share the love! Blessings from Bama!