Monday, April 25, 2011

A penny for your thoughts

      No, make that a dime, inflation, you know! Joyce is teaching on thoughts again this week. Imagine that! Thoughts must be pretty important, since the majority of her teaching is about them. But seriously, what you are thinking about determines your mood, your attitude, and even your steps. I know we all have problems and difficult situations to face everyday, but with God's help, He guides us through much better than if we do it alone. Ask Him, and you will see.
      I haven't posted much lately, due to the fact that I am digging again. I will bring up some pics and show you later. I tried a new recipe, chocolate bread and it is delicious! All of the concrete work is done, so I will show you that as well. Hopefully soon, we'll have the carport to put the boat and camper under.

My little Easter bunnies!

After;driveway,turnaround and leading to camper, and soon coming carport!

Before; what I just said.

Japanese Maple and Azalea, purchased at Collinsville trade day.

Black and 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are you living in the city of regret?

      If so, then it's time to change your address! We can not change the past. What's done, is done. If you've asked God to forgive you, then the Blood of Jesus has washed you clean, if Jesus is your Lord and Saviour. It doesn't matter if the sins were committed in your early life, twenty years ago, ten years ago, last year, last month, last week, yesterday, or this morning. You are making progress, if you are truly trusting God and His Word to help you. When you ask for forgiveness and truly repent, God not only forgives you, but He removes the sin and forgets it! We have to receive that, or else we will continue to live in guilt and condemnation. Jesus shed His blood for every sin that you commit while you are on the earth, until you die. Not just light sins, but every sin!!!! Let go of the guilt and condemnation and receive what Jesus laid down His life for, your freedom! That doesn't mean that it's o.k. to sin, but if and when you do, know that there is forgiveness, receive it, and go on. Have a Blessed Easter week! 
      Progress continues on the concrete work. Rain is supposed to come in tomorrow, so they are working extra to make up for rain delays. I also got to spend time with fair-complected niece, so here are lots of pictures!

I want to walk up the steps by myself!

I'm not supposed to have this pencil, am I.

I LOVE riding the mower!

Good for the garden?

Sitting in the back of the truck, NOT happy!

Fair-complected's Momma.

Driveway that leads into garage.

Sidewalk being poured to the turn-around.

More driveway and turn around.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste

      I don't believe that we realize the impact our thoughts have on our lives. Thoughts are so powerful! If your thoughts are good and happy, you will act good and happy. If you think negative, angry thoughts, you will speak and act negatively. I know, because it happens in my life. It's so easy to dwell on how bad things are, how bad everyone treats you, and things like that. When our minds become filled with those kinds of thoughts, it's time to let the devil know that he is not going to control us anymore. We have the authority to change our thoughts to positive thoughts through God's Word. Read the Bible and soon you will find out that's true. The Bible is full of positive words that can change your thoughts, therefore impacting your life for the better. Think on those things that are above, not on the earth. Translated: think on things that are based on what God's Word says, not on the circumstances around you. Look up, not down. Soon you will see a break in the clouds.
      Our concrete work continues and today we had holes dug for Leyland Cypress to make a privacy fence. I am so excited to see progress everyday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Attitudes of the mind

      Have you heard that teaching by Joyce Meyer? She is teaching this week on her book,"Battlefield of the Mind". One of the lessons she talks about is when the children of Israel were led by Moses out of Egypt. At first they were excited to leave, but as the journey wore on, they began to murmur and complain about their situation. They wanted to go back to Egypt because they had a slave mindset. Their attitudes were not right because of the difficulties they faced. It would have been easier to turn back than to press forward. God brought them out to bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey, but their attitudes kept them from entering in. Their offspring got to go, but they died in the wilderness. Don't give up and give in to bad attitudes on your journey. Trust God, even when your circumstances seem impossible to bear. Have a right attitude with God and He will bring you through!
      The concrete is being poured and the yard is beginning to look like a different place. It may be another week before everything is poured and finished. Here are some pics.

Patio before.

Patio after.

Sidewalk after.

Pad where boat and camper will go.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking responsibility for your journey

      Is life taking you on a journey or are you taking your life on a journey? Sometimes it seems like someone else is in control of our lives instead of us. There's your job, the kid's baseball practice or football or soccer practice, laundry, crying baby, maybe an invalid parent. Life happens! But in the midst of it all, you can still enjoy the journey. You can plan ahead when you know you have these responsibilities and God will show you what to do. Ask Him, and He will show you how to prioritize your life. Don't sweat the small stuff. It will eventually get done. Just learn how to be a good steward of your time and money and God will multiply it back to you.
     We are getting concrete work done after five years of living here. Finally, we are getting a poured driveway! I am so thankful! God is enabling us to obtain some things we didn't think we'd get for a long time.

Mint grows quickly!

Chocolate mint.

Prepping for the concrete.

The sidewalk will go here.

Outdoor kitchen will go here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have you had a busy weekend?

      We have and it's all been good! First we went to the mall for my great-niece's fashion show. I thought she wasn't going to walk in front of everybody, but she seemed to enjoy it. Then we went and met the cousins and shopped around for awhile and of course rode the carousel Then, we went to a friend's baby's first birthday party. She was so cute! She loves everybody! Here are some pics.
      We're also working in the garden this evening, so I've got to hurry up and get back out there!
So precious!

You like my dress?

Finally looked at the camera!

Uncle Ran is having fun!

Dog! wooh, wooh!

I'm hungry!

Birthday girl!

Birthday cake!

Do I have to get my picture taken again?

Here Aunt FeFe,  have a bite!

I'll share with you!

What's in the box?