Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall at 'Little Dixie Farm'!

      I've never mentioned our goat herd name before, have I? Well, it's 'Little Dixie Farm'. Even though we now have Nubians, I think the title still fits. Since we have less than three acres, especially. We almost didn't have Nubians! You see, I thought I wanted to sell them. I thought they needed a place with other Nubians and a goat barn. The ad on Craigslist was about to run out so I was surprised that I had gotten any calls. I was beginning to get sick with the flu that weekend and told the first gentleman so. He said to call me when I felt better. A couple of days later, another guy, very insistent, called. Long story short, I sold him the Nubians. Yes, I called the first gentleman and he said it was OK. I think I was out of my mind! After they were gone and I had time to think about it, I was so sad! I was even more sad the next morning and contacted the guy who bought them. He asked me if I wanted them back. I said yes, that I had acted in haste. We had to drive and hour and a half to get them, but they're back! Yay! The doe didn't have much milk so he wasn't too interested in keeping her. He sells goat milk for $16 a gallon! I thought $9 was plenty! I learned something about Nubians that I hadn't realized before. Nigerian dwarfs can breed any time of the year because the buck always seems to be in rut. I just thought all goats were like that. Not so with Nubians. The Nubian bucks only go in rut between August through December. The guy who bought them from me had a buck that was already out of rut, in only October. I want a Nubian buck now. I have not been successful in locating one at this time, but when God is ready, He'll show us the one.

      I am loving the cool nights and sunny, warm days we're experiencing! We are finally having a Fall! It usually stays hot right up until November, so this coolness is refreshing! I've planted a Fall garden and have been harvesting some mustard greens. They are so good in a salad, at least when they're small. I ate some last week that must have been a little strong cause my tummy let me know! I love them cooked and eat them with hot pepper sauce (acutally it's hot green peppers pickled in vinegar) and cornbread. So delicious! I hope to cook some this week. There are carrots, beets, and spinach coming up, as well. I'm not sure if that's kale coming up. I planted kale, but it could be a weed. It needs a little more time to tell I guess.

      The chickens are laying good again! The spring chicks are just starting to lay, so their eggs are small. I especially like getting the real dark, brown eggs! But the ducks haven't started laying yet. I'm really anticipating getting duck eggs for custards, pies, and cornbread dressing! I have even been able to sell a couple dozen eggs sometimes! I haven't sold anything else, but that's OK because I'm not really trying. I have so much to do, especially since I was sick for so long, trying to catch up. I still have a nagging cough. I'm just glad to be back to myself! Having the flu is no fun! I pray none of ya'll ever get this stuff!

      Ya'll enjoy the Fall! There is so much to see and enjoy this time of year! Stay safe! Blessings from Bama!

You know I can't write a post without sharing these beautiful faces!

Where's the snow Uncle Randy?

Layla doesn't like riding in the sled.

A new hydrangea I purchased a few weeks ago at half price!

Here's the name, Zinfin Doll. It starts out white and continues to change until it's a burgundy color.

The candy roaster pumpkin ready to be used in pies.

Our beautifully colored eggs!

The last candy roaster ready to be roasted.

The sun oven has been in use a lot lately.

Candy roaster cooked in there.

Randy has been working in the flower beds.

I know you can't see them, but this thing is loaded with bees! Especially honey bees!

You wouldn't believe all the weeds that were in here!

Now to get to work on this bed!

My sweet Nubians! It sounds like they say "M-a-M-a!"

See how the colors have changed?