Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrating Freedom and Family

      I am so thankful that we live in a 'free' country, at least it is for now. I hope that it will always be that way for our future generations, but I'm quite concerned how quickly things may change. I don't keep up with all the politics and 'behind the news situations', but I do read some, enough to know that things may not always be as they are now. I don't want to be caught unaware, do you? I want to enjoy life now, and at the same time be prepared for what might happen in the future. I just operate better when I know that a 'possible situation' could occur. If I am at least somewhat prepared, I function much better than when I'm caught unaware.
      We've been working on the garden again this week. Hubby built us some more raised beds, and I'm in the middle of filling them with dirt. I can hardly bear the 88 degree weather because of the humidity! When I walk outside, immediately it slaps me in the face! I come inside the cool house and get cold because my clothes are wet from perspiration. Oh the joys and pains of living in the deep south! But I still love it!
      I haven't had a lot of time to blog and may not again for awhile, so stay cool! Enjoy these photos.
Two new raised beds. 

This photo should be with the chopped wood photos. King snake.

Celebrating 'Memommas's' B'day.

She's a 'big girl' now.

My sister, Me momma.

So full of joy!

Reaching for Aunt FeFe.

They're both sitting?


I really don't like this bow in my hair, Mommy.

Local fireworks display on the Fourth.

We had a great view, of the power lines!

Lemon ice cream tasted too twangy, but the pistachio was delicious!

I forgot the name, but it is beautiful!

I think this is my favorite day lily.

The tomato plants are spreading and growing.

I think 'someone' has been nibbling on the Gold Medals.

Cherry tomatoes.

Strawberry plants.

Hollow Roma's.

A  path to walk on.

Hubby worked hard cutting up this big hickory tree.

I didn't see the snake at first because I was fascinated with a scaly lizard that disappeared.

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  1. I'm not in the deep south, but we too have had 80's with high humidity. Last Friday there was a heat index of like 105-110 degrees. Of course, we had to make hay....but not on that day! Your garden is looking good, you are probably like 1 - 1 1/2 months ahead of me. I have tomato blossoms. Do you burn the wood? I saw a cute idea where they made garden stepping stones out of slabs of logs with poly (like on a bar) over top. They were laid here and there for a path - cute! Our country is changing - but, it is all apart of God's end times plan. Blessings from Wisconsin!


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