Monday, February 11, 2013

I Sure do Enjoy My Everyday Life!

      I have been so busy doing, that I haven't taken the time to write, lately! I know all of you are the same way, always busy! I learn so much from ya'll, so keep up the good work! I tried out a new bread recipe from a book I've had for a couple years, and it turned out so good! Of course, the dough was made in my bread machine! I'm always looking for good bread recipes to make in the bread machine. I plan on making Skylar some orange rolls later in the week for his Valentine gift. He says that he probably won't like them as well as the kind in the tube! Ha! That's what he thinks! The dough will be made in the bread machine, of course. 

      I am making brownies as I type this. Can you tell that I love to cook and bake? I am going to make chocolate cream brulee for Randy for Valentine's Day. I can't eat much of this sweet stuff, since I've cut back on my sugar consumption, a couple of years ago. I'll eat my share, though. I used to not like bitter-sweet chocolate, but now it tastes sweet to me! I like the Ghirardelli's 72% chocolate. I eat a little of that every day.

      We are having such a rainy Spring! We had thunderstorms yesterday, and while we were sitting in the local Mexican restaurant, the lights went out! It was only for a short time, thank goodness! It was probably the same storms that brought tornadoes through Mississippi. We looked around for a safe place while we were there, just in case! It didn't last long, so we enjoyed our meal! I have to call it Spring, since it's not very cold. The temps have been mostly in the 50's the past week or so. I worked on the garden beds two days, only getting one bed half-way filled with dirt and manure. The rain is holding me up. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday, as well! I'm thankful for the rain, since we've experienced drought these past couple of years! I hope to at least get my seeds started inside this week! I'll let ya'll know in the next post! Thanks for reading! Blessings from Bama!

Rubi still lays in her 'baby bed'! She made all of this mess! We can't keep the porch clean!

Crock-pot soap in the making. It turned out good, even though I used too much olive oil.

The bread I mentioned earlier. The dough was made in the bread machine. I spread the cheese and peppers over it, then rolled it up jelly roll style.

I almost cried when I saw this bread!

The book the recipe came from.

Before it went into the oven.

The bees are really enjoying the mild temps!

It's half-way since this photo. Notice the black dirt. It's worth the hard work.

I think I did cry when I tasted this bread! That I could make something taste this good! I was awed!

I got to visit with all my girls this past weekend with Yasmine and Winterlynn spending the night.

Yasmine fell at school and had to get three stiches right below her eyebrow. She such a brave girl and didn't cry!

Layla is eating some bread.

Riley is always so serious-looking!

I can't believe they all looked at the camera and smiled!

Oh no, uncle Ran, did you fall too?

The soap I made in the crock-pot. I need to use it too clean up this mess!

Well, how do you like my henna hair and cut, my vegetable based make-up and my whiter teeth?

I bought the wreath at the thrift store and the roses from Wal-Mart. It's now hanging on the inside of the front door.



  1. The soap looks good, I have not tried making it in the crock pot. The bread looks wonderful. I would love that recipe.
    You look great, the kids look great, love the bees and raised beds and the rose wreath is very nice. You have been much busier than I have. I haven't written on my blog just because there is nothing to write :(

    1. Hi Becky! I really like the soap! I was afraid it would be too oily, but it works great! I know what you mean about writing! Sometimes it just seems like there's nothing to write about! I doubt very seriously that my life is busier than yours! Thanks for the nice comments!

  2. Your henna hair cut, teeth and vegetable based make up look great! I think Rubi needs a bigger bed! Or maybe she doesn't want to grow up? Your bread looks yummy. I don't have a bread machine. You sure keep busy! Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy! She has a bigger bed but the little dog sleeps in it! I love to keep busy!

  3. I was wondering and my daughter even asked if my Alabama friend did her hair. It looks great! Let us know how long it lasts. The bread looks great! Those girls are sure cute! Your husband must love to play with them. Rubi looks so cute trying to fit in that bed. How are the new goats doing? Enjoy your day. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Oh, I hope it lasts a long time! The smell of the henna is very strong! I still smell it on my hair a little after two washings! But it's still better than chemicals! My husband has always loved children! Too bad we couldn't have more when we were younger! It all works out, though. The boys are doing great! We can actually touch the wether now when we are feeding him. He's usually untouchable. Thanks for your sweet comments!

  4. Hey Bama Girl! LOVE your hair.... the color and cut look terrific with your makeup and white teeth. That bread sounds and LOOKS awesome. I've not had cheese and pepper bread like that. Do know what you mean about wanting to 'cry' over great bread :) You work hard at everything you do and appreciate that you share with us. Ummmmm...... maybe you could share that bread recipe?!!! Hugs to you!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you! Those are such sweet comments! Maybe I'll share the recipe, day, lol! Hugs to you too!


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