Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We are having a Beautiful Summer!

      The weather has been hot and humid, but mostly cloudy and overcast! That means when it's cloudy, there's almost always a nice breeze blowing! The breeze feels so nice with the warmth and humidity! I don't know when we've had a summer like this! The temps are have been in the upper eighties and low nineties, but usually this time of year the temps are in the upper nineties and above! We have had a shower almost everyday this summer which cools things down a bit if it's later in the day! If it rains early in the day and the sun comes out afterwards, the weather becomes really hot and humid! Or not! I'm just enjoying what we've got! Hope the weather is bearable where you are!

      April is in the hospital with a bad kidney infection. Please pray that she'll get well quickly and get out of there! I'll be taking care of Win some while she's in there. In fact, Win and Riley are coming over today! Yasmine and Layla will be here Friday, so we'll all get to visit again!

      Hope ya'll are having a good week and staying in where it's cool! I've been trying to eat healthier and get serious with my weight loss! I think it's working cause Ran told me I look like I lost some! Yay! It has to be working for the hubs to notice! Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Can you believe my Myer Lemon bush is blooming? The fertilizer worked!

Riley and her Mom, April.

Win is relaxing in the sun! Riley is having fun too!

My friend Leanne holding one of her baby goats. Isn't it cute!

Here's another baby. They are so adorable!

My first real life experience watching baby goats getting milk from their mother! So neat!

Isn't the miniature donkey cute?

Nigerian Dwarf buckling.

A nice view of the donkey.

Our friends, Leanne and Scot.

Me and Ran sitting in the extra large swing Scot made.

I'm learning to crochet again!

I didn't care for the browns and beige so I chose these colors instead. It will be an afghan throw.

Win and Riley swinging!

Oh! Win fell and had to get 3 stitches! She's all better now!

The girls have on some new outfits we got them at a consignment shop when we went to the beach.

The girls are all here! Yasmine can look so somber at times!

They love for uncle Ran to push them in the swing!

You jump, girl!

Don't you look at me like that with that Auburn hair-bow in your hair!


  1. That is a really nice picture of you and your husband. I hope April is feeling better soon. Must be hard for her to be separated from her little one. We are not having the perfect weather you are! LOL It has been so hot and humid here that one can hardly stand to be outside for more than a few minutes. Love the baby goats! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you! April got to go home this evening! She is still not feeling well but that will come in time. Thanks for thinking of her! The weather was a lot hotter today with the temps climbing into the mid-nineties! Whew! That's more like it, but I liked it the other way better! Hope your weather turns cooler soon! The baby goats are too cute! Have a nice week!

  2. What a great post. Your picture is lovely. The baby goats are darling and it must be so much fun to see them. Awww, I hope April feels better real soon. I can't thank you enough for your loving support.
    Have a good week. xoxo Linda

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by! I am praying for you as you go through your treatments! Thanks, April is at least home! Thanks, you too!

  3. Glad to hear April is doing better. Looks like ya'll are enjoying the girls! Your goat photos are so cute! Great photo of you and your husband - you look so happy. LOVE the colors you chose for your granny square. That will be a fun project.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks! We did, and are again! Thanks for the compliments, we are a very happy couple! I hope to work on the granny squares this weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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