Monday, October 14, 2013

October is a Great Month to Celebrate Birthdays!

      First we celebrated April's. Today is Oma's; tomorrow is Skylar's! Amber's is the 30th. Wow! So hard to believe my baby is 18! These years have passed by way to quick! And most of the years, I've been home! I am keeping Win and Riley for a few days since April is in the hospital. She has some kind of bacteria in her stomach and inflammation. She is very sick and we thought it was her pancreatitis. I don't know who would keep the kids if I worked! Send up prayers for her if you would!

      We had a great time this past Saturday! We went to a craft festival called Homestead Hollow in Springville, AL. You would not believe the traffic! The festival is about five miles from the interstate where we got off and it took us an hour to get there! Maybe longer; I tried not to watch the clock. But it was fun once we got there! Lots of food vendors and LOTS of crafts! Mostly monogrammed things for kids and Fall decorations. Lots of jewelry booths! I got Amber a blank for her birthday! I can't tell you what it is cause she reads this blog!

      I just pulled some homemade bread out of the oven! It's the Trim Healthy Mama one but it's way too salty! I wondered about that when I put in the three tablespoons of salt it called for. I'll stick to my Jim Lahey's bread, thank you! They were selling those yummy cinnamon nuts at the festival, but they are very costly! So, you know me, I came home and found a recipe and made some! They are not exactly like those, but delicious anyway! I love when recipes turn out as well as something you'd buy or taste even better! I also made brownies this weekend for Skylar's lunch, and they are the best yet! Hershey's recipe! See what I mean, me stick to a diet? I don't think so! But I haven't told you about all the good stuff I ate. Beans and greens, green juice, no rice at the Mexican restaurant we took Skylar to Saturday. Moderation! And exercise! I hope to walk and workout today, but I'm not sure how I'll pull that off since I don't have a double stroller! I can work out, but I won't be able to walk unless my Mom comes over! Would you like to stop by and watch them for me?

      The weather is supposed to start cooling down a few degrees this week and rain by the weekend! It may only be in the sixties by then! Wow! That will feel so good! I'm ready for weather changes, are you? I'm also hoping to get that garden cleared out soon! Randy said he'd weed eat it for me, but he's been busy working on the house and it gets dark out soon after he gets home. That's what I don't like about Fall and winter! Short days! Oh well, learn to live with it and do the best we can. Ya'll have a great week! Who knows? I may be back with another post soon! Blessings from Bama!

The entrance to the festival.

Love this old buggy, just glad I don't have to ride in it!

Aren't these mums gorgeous?

Skylar won't look at the camera so I can get his picture.

My Mom and Dad.

Me and Randy.

Lots of folks here.

I'm glad it was shady in most of the park!

I love the bridge that crosses over to the cabin! And I love the cabin!

Guess what these guys have set up!

My Dad asked him to take a drink.

He said he had to keep things on the up and up. I smelled it and it smells like vinegar. It's moonshine!

We left before I go to see them dance! Reminds me of Linda!

Traffic on the way in as we were leaving!

Skylar at Superior Grill, a Mexican restaurant.

Randy waiting patiently on me to take a photo of this sign I got at the Almanac Store in Leeds.

She had a bad virus Thursday and Friday! She still looks pekid under her eyes.

She's doing a good job on the pumpkin!

Riley is so cute reaching up! Like my five-year-old cell phone? It's older than the girls!

I love the concept of this bread, just not the way it tastes!


  1. Festivals like that are so much fun! I wouldn't mind riding in that amish buggy if it was nice out and I was in no hurry to get somewhere! LOL What kind of bread is that in the bowl? I have been wanting to try making the bread recipe in the crockpot. Have you tried that? Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! It is just a sourdough-like bread. Looks delicious, tastes blah! No I don't think I've seen that one! I like cooking Jim Lahey's recipe in the dutch oven, as I did this one. Makes a nice crust. Blessings!

  2. I LOVE Fall festivals! Obviously - since I set our Town's up! Looks like the one you went to was a good one. don't see that everyday - well, at least in Wisconsin. :) Your "ministry" in your family is a caregiver. You are right, someone is needed to help with the girls - that is where you fit in. When I say "ministry" I mean it. God gives us each talents - one if yours is what you do for your family! Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Jacky! I hope all went well there this past weekend at Ringle Harvest Day! Oh, thank you Jacky! I believe you are right! That was such a witness to me as I read what you said! Thank you for the kind words, my friend! Blessings to you too!

  3. Fall festivals are fun!

    We had too much rain too. I have raised beds so weeds aren't too much of a problem but there's nothing I can do about too much water. I almost would rather have a drought!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog it's so nice to meet you!

    1. It's nice to meet you too! I think you are right! At least when we were having a drought and I was constantly watering, I had veggies! This year, nothing! Maybe next year will be a happy medium! You have a very nice blog! Blessings!

  4. I think I've been to this festival before!! Is it on the east side of B'ham? My brother used to live in Trussville, it looks just like the cabins we went to!

    1. Hi Paula! Yes, it is in Trussville! It's very nice there! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. No, not Trussville, Springville! Sorry, but they are close to each other!

  5. Dicky Bird has written well of God's 'ministry' plans He has for you. You are such a loving caregiver and nurturer for your family - it come through your blog with every post you write. Looks like all had such fun at the festival! What a hoot they were actually making moonshine there!!! Our area is known as the 'dark corner' of SC because of all the moonshine produced in these hills and hollers in the past, but one never sees moonshine actually being 'produced'. What fun! Still think you look great. Have a terrific day! Enjoy the cooler weather..... I sure am!!! It's so much easier to be outside and get things done.

    1. Oh, that is so sweet Lisa! Thank you! It was a 'hoot'! And thank you! Oh, I sure hope to get things done as well in this cooler weather! Thanks, have a terrific day too!


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