Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Riley and Dad!

      Yes, a couple more birthdays have been celebrated! Riley turned one! We celebrated her birthday this past Saturday, although she turned one on the sixth. She is barely walking and oh so cute! I was busy all last week with party preps and watching the girls some, so I didn't get a chance to write a post. I don't like to skip a week, but sometimes that happens. I know everyone else is probably more busy than me, and somehow they manage to write posts a lot more frequently. I hope to improve on that.

      Today is Veteran's Day and my Dad's birthday! I'm not sure how we'll celebrate, as he, Randy, and Skylar are on the river fishing as I write this post! Maybe we'll go to a local restaurant and eat fish! They don't keep the ones they catch. Fishing is just a sport to them. And Skylar, wow, is he ever getting into the sport! He never used to go fishing with them, then all of a sudden, he started going with them less than a month ago. He catches more fish each time he goes! He's a very fast learner when he puts his mind to something! I wonder if he'll go pro one day!

      It's so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here, then Christmas! The time has really past quickly for me this year! I guess that's how it is when one gets older! Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done! Just like our house; we started building it nine years ago and we still haven't finished it! Too many things take precedence over that at times! We really need to get this house done cause it bothers me a lot! I try not to talk about it and be thankful for where we are, but sometimes all I can see is the unfinished projects. And believe me, there is a lot of them! O.k., enough about that! I am so thankful we live here and not in the old house! The girls have all this area to play and ride the golf cart! They love for Randy to ride them on it! They are growing up too fast! They got up the other day and got dressed and went outside without my assistance! That was a first! You know they are getting to be big girls when they don't need help with pants and shoes! It's amazing how long they will play outside, even on a cool morning! I'm glad they can come here and experience the beauty of the outside world!

      We have one more birthday this week, my brother! His is Saturday and he wants to go to the local steak house for his celebration. I'm glad he's here this year, since he's lived in Mobile for the past years. He hasn't gotten to be here for the holidays, so this year will be special for him. Prayers that he'll find a better job quickly. His hours were cut because of Medicaid, (he's an LPN) and he needs to get something quickly. LPN's are not in as much demand ans RN's. Thanks for praying that God will open the right door for the right job at the right time, for him!

      I'm also heart-broken for the people of the Philippines! I just pray they will be assisted with food and shelter and know that Jesus loves them in spite of what just happened! And we thought our tornadoes were bad!

      I hope ya'll have a great week and nice weather! Our weather has been very mild, seventies, during the day, and cool, thirties-forties at night. I can still wear shorts outside during the day and not be cool! Maybe your weather won't get too cold! Have a great day! Blessings from Bama!

Yasmine helped uncle Randy rotate the tires on Mommy's car! She likes boy stuff!

It doesn't show up much here, but she had grease on her hands and face!

I love Riley's hair like this!

Skylar takes his lunch to school with him everyday, a salad with grilled chicken. I make the ranch dressing with these ingredients.

These are wild plums found on our property! I've been watching them all summer and they finally got ripe. They have a fruity, floral fragrance!

I made this mess! It'definitely looks homemade! I don't like using the alphabet stencil!

The stencil I used on the banner was much bigger and easier to use.

April made the sign-in sheet and the dum-dum bouquet.

The lolli-pops turned out ok.

Walmart made the cakes. Riley got this all over her! April had to bathe her in the sink!

Cute cake!

Gifts waiting to be opened.

The banner turned out nice. I even got a few compliments on it!

April made Riley's tutu! So cute!

The outfit we got her. Daddy loves his baby girl!

I love to watch them go down the hill! Eden came over to play with the girls this day.

Someone gave us this practically brand new tricycle! It's just Layla's size!

Randy likes to run across and they kick him. They love it!


  1. Cute party ideas. Randy looks like he loves it as well! I've been busy too...I will be till the wedding....we have so much to do yet!

    1. Thanks Jacky! He loves playing with the girls! I know you are busy! You are one of the ones I was referring to! I can only imagine how much the wedding will consume you! In a good way of course! Blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday to Riley, your Dad and brother! We have been getting frosts here and a little snow late afternoon today. Lake effect snow forecast for tonight! What is Flav-O-Rich? Nancy

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Wow! Snow! Flav-O-Rich is a brand name for dairy. That is buttermilk. Blessings!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! Computer problems here and we've been off-line for days...felt out-of-touch! Happy Birthday to all! I did not know your house was new and you were building it all yourselves! Good for you! It sounds like there is much more outside area here than in your old house, yes? Frustrating, I know, but it looks so good from your pictures! Have a great fall! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. How odd, as soon as I started typing this, the tornado sirens started up! They always test them at this time every month. Oh my! Computer problems are no fun! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes, and I'm so tired of working on it! We still have a L-O-N-G way to go, inside and out! Yes, we have about two acres more here. The old house was like a garage apt. on a very busy corner! The yard was fenced and quite large, just no privacy and no 'forest' to explore! Much more quiet here. Happy Fall to you too Cheery Shirley! Blessings!

  4. Skylar is a lucky chap to have homemade ranch dressing on his salad! That looks delicious! And I think Riley's outfit turned out CUTE! Banner looks great too. Belated Happy Birthday to the little one. You can always see the joy on all the little girls' faces that comes through your photographs loud and clear. They are blessed to have a place filled with such love to spend time at. Stay Warm!!!! Have a great week Felecia!

    1. Awe, those are such nice things to say, Lisa! Thank you for your kind words! Yea, it's gotten a bit colder! Blessings!


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