Friday, November 21, 2014

Warming after the Cold!

       I am happy to say that once again I am sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair for my daily devotions! My legs and arms are getting tan again! Can you believe it? The front porch is such a warm and sunny place, that I can sit there with shorts and short sleeves when I may have to wear pants elsewhere on the property. I sure am enjoying it because I know the cold will return soon! The country sure has been hit with cold and snow; especially Buffalo, New York! Some one posted a photo on Facebook of an open front door to nothing but a wall of snow! Incredible!

      As I write this, I have been working on a cute ornament! I will post a photo below. It's for a special person I hope to give it to tomorrow. I hope she will like it. I don't know her style, so I'm sharing what I like with her. I am so thankful to be able to make pretty things and share them with others! Although other people's idea of pretty may not be the same as mine.

      We had a great time with the girls this past weekend! Four were here until Sunday and the other two went home Monday night! Wow! The week went by really fast for me! I hope to get the girls Thanksgiving Day or so. They will be here then, so maybe they can spend a night or two. They missed us as much as we missed them. Of course there will be photos below.

      I wanted to share a recipe link with you: I hope the link works and you get to try this yummy recipe! They have a print button so you can print out the recipe there. May you all stay safe and warm and have a wonderful weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Riley got a kick out of pulling Randy's hair!

It didn't matter that it was cold, they had to ride the golf-cart anyway!

Having fun on the swing-set.

Layla enjoyed swinging Riley.

My Dad looking on; move Chelsey!

Guess what he's pulling!

A hillbilly snow sled! See all the snow? (They pretended.)

Hang on Riley!

Look how pretty and tall Winn is getting!

They love Uncle Randy!

A delicious salad with the Blue Cheese dressing. Can you tell I love pickled beets?

Some flourishes in the making. The are quite tegious to cut out.

Here's the ornament! I did remember to cut a hole for the hanger.


  1. Hillbilly sled - that is funny! It was -10 this morning here. I'm not complaining - just saying. Your ornament looks great. The girls sure enjoy their Uncle Randy - and he looks like he is having as much fun.

    1. I think my throat would freeze! Along with everything else at that temp! Lol! Glad you like the ornament; and the sled Jacky! Thanks! We all had fun! Blessings!

  2. Your ornament looks very pretty. How nice of you to make it for your friend! Sitting on the porch in shorts!! Haha. Not here. Rain, turned bitter cold, little snow flurries and a few tiny bits of hail! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy! Wow! What weird weather conditions you experienced there! Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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