Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apple Sticks

      Hey Everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday and Easter weekend! We did! Spring is in full bloom here. Thus the reason for my title. I bet ya'll thought I was talking about a recipe! Lol! I am speaking of my apple trees! But they did start out as sticks, as some would say. They are grafts that we ordered and planted three years ago. They have thrived in our zone and are blooming for the first time. They are absolutely beautiful! Some have a lot of blossoms while others have only a few. And they smell like roses! Not a real strong scent but still! I never knew they smelled like that! I am so happy we have these apple sticks, er..I mean trees! I don't know if that means there will be apples this year, but maybe. The older apple tree is loaded with blooms and will hopefully be loaded with apples this summer. Don't be afraid of apple grafts. Research and see which apple trees are suited for your zone. Those will be the ones to order and will thrive and produce lots of apples for years to come. I can hardly wait to see the results of all these blooms!

      The blackberry brambles are already blooming! I guess this is the right time, but it seems sooner this year because last year it stayed colder longer. We have been enjoying temps in the seventies for several weeks, and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80's! Yikes! I need to get some tomato plants in the ground! I just need to go ahead and plant my whole garden, as a matter of fact! Surely the snow has melted where you live and there won't be any more until Fall or Winter. I don't even want to think that far ahead! I'm just so glad for the warmer temps! I wished the sun would shine more, though. We've had a lot of cloudy days with a good bit of rain. Some days it was just cloudy with no rain. Blah! I need the sun! Just not the extreme heat! Oh well, that goes with living in Alabama! 

      I've been into baby chicks lately. I am trying to build my flock so that it will be one that produces many eggs. The chicks I want have not been offered at Tractor Supply and I've had to really search for the ones we've aquired. I got some Ameracaunas, but I think 3 of the 5 are roosters! I also got some mixed chicks that I don't know for sure what they are: roos or hens. If you go by the comb, there are probably 4 roos and 3 hens. You can't always go by that especially with mixed breeds. Time will tell. I just want to find out so I can sell them and not have to feed so many I'm not going to keep. If you know of a way to sex young chicks, please share in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it! I still plan on getting some Black Australorps, Speckled Sussex, New Hampshires, and maybe some Barred Rocks. These are supposed to lay lots of eggs. I'm having fun watching the chicks grow and turn into pullets and roos! The life cycle is amazing! How can one say there is no God?

      The girls were here this past weekend and we had fun, as usual. We went to their Meme's (Grandma) who is my sister, for Easter dinner. We all had a great time and enjoyed lots of food. I've been making cakes lately, but my sister made a delicious coconut cake. I forgot to bring a piece home, but that's OK since I have a strawberry cake in the oven. I did use a white cake mix but it has pureed strawberries in it. I will make a cream cheese icing with strawberries as well. I sure don't need to be eating much of it! I had to stop eating the carrot cake with cream cheese icing I made last week, cause I don't want to gain back the weight I've worked so hard to loose! I do indulge in a piece of cake now and then, just not everyday.

      I hope ya'll have a great week and can get in the garden soon! It won't be long and we'll be enjoying those fresh veggies, straight from the ground! Thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings from Bama!

A little morning Uncle Randy love!

They love looking for Easter eggs!

Winn didn't bring her sunglasses! Randy's one man carport for the camper showing in the background.

The blooms look almost like a double blossom!

Another tree.

Cherry blossoms.

Another apple tree.

The oldest apple tree.

Can you see the blossoms?

These are the same chicks in the last post. Haven't they grown!

These chicks are a few weeks younger.

These are the newest babies.


  1. Hi Felecia, I am envious of your 70 degree weather. I don't have apple trees. Have thought about it but do you have to spray or do anything? You are doing so well watching what you eat. We no longer have snow, have had a little nice weather but could get tornadoes or hail on Thursday. Love spring but not the bad weather that comes with it. Nancy

    1. Oh my, Nancy Tornadoes? I didn't realize ya'll got them there too! I hope they don't materialize and spread their ugly damage! I don't always do so well with my diet but I am doing a lot better than before! So far we haven't had to spray our trees. Randy does prune them, however. I'm hoping we won't ever have to spray, but that remains to be seen. We'll see when they start producing lots of apples! Stay safe Thursday! Blessings!

  2. Oh you are lucky with the temps. We don't have snow anymore - but...it has snowed - just didn't stick around. Yay, your apple trees are blooming - I love that smell too. I would like some barred rocks too. My hens lay up to 18 eggs a day...I found a clutch of them and 2 hens setting hidden under a shelf....I guess I will have chicks soon....I like to eat sweets I try to do so in moderation..try I say...

    1. Hi Jacky! That's good....it didn't stick! Oh, I hope one day to find hens sitting on fertile eggs! That's enough eggs to sell! I hope to do that one day as well! I know... sweets!

  3. Sounds like you may be ahead of us as our blackberries have not started to bloom yet. Your apple 'sticks' (!) look lovely and hope they'll yield lots of good-eating apples in the years ahead! What a lovely family Eastertime. Have a good day!

    1. I was quite surprised when I saw the buds appearing on them! They will be pretty in a few days, with all this heat! I can hardly wait for all those apples! It was a blessed time! Thanks, Lisa, you too!

  4. Hi Felecia, I hope your apple sticks do well and it looks like they might with the blossoms. When I saw your heading apple sticks I thought it was an expression like I say "fiddlesticks" when something goes wrong! LOL I don't have chickens but am thrilled that the lady across the road from us about a block down sells organic eggs from her chickens and I can get my eggs from her. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Haha! Yes, it sounds like a saying! So glad you can get fresh organic eggs! Blessings!


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