Thursday, May 28, 2015

My, What a Busy Season!

       My favorite time of year! The growing season, of course! It's been so nice to get outside in the garden again! I am so enjoying watching the veggies double and triple in size! That always happens after a good dose of Boogie Brew tea. Then we got a nice soaking rain last night, of which we haven't had much of lately, and this morning the plants look like they've grown again! We should have some squash to pick next week. If I had planted the garden a little earlier, we would have been harvesting them already. It was so rainy and cold up until the middle of April, so I waited for better weather.

      The weather has been mostly hot and humid! Yesterday, while the temps were in the 70's, I came inside, drenched, after only being outside a short period of time! But we did get thunderstorms last night, thus the high humidity. And man, did the wind blow! I watched and heard things get blown all over the place! It happened so fast! I thought a tornado was developing! I'm so glad it wasnt'! I would be so scared if that happened! We usually have advanced warning if tornados are happening. But, I can take this weather so much better than the cold! I've decided that I don't like cold weather. I want our winters to be like they used to be; barely getting below 50 degrees! I sure could grow a lot in those temps! Even in the rain! I didn't like winters when it seemed we had none, but now I would appreciate weather like that in winter! But one season helps us to appreciate another.

      We enjoyed family over the weekend. We went to Yasmine's kindergarten graduation and experinced a different culture. I like seeing how other cultures live. It was a very enlightening experience for me. Then, on Monday, everyone came here for a cookout. The kids had so much fun swimming and playing in their little pools! I think they enjoyed that even more than the big pool! Kids are so amazing to watch! I wished I had more time to watch them when they're here, but I'm usually busy in the kitchen. I enjoy that too! Winn spent the night with me and helped me in the garden the next day. We planted some onions. She is such a good helper!

      I hope ya'll are enjoying your Summer! Well, I realize that where some of you live, Summer may not have arrived! But at least your temps are warming! Hopefully, ya'll are growing something! Enjoy your day! Thanks for reading! Blessings from Bama!

The process of making compost.
More Boogie Brew in the making.

Lettuces and chives coming up.

The chard and spinach is starting to grow.
A salad straight from my garden! Yes, I ate the daylily flower!

My camera needs cleaning but these are the squash.

These are the potatoes planted vertically.
Three little princessess!

The girls having a blast in the kiddie pools!

They especially liked running and sliding through this one.

Pretty little Riley!

The pepper plants have really grown!

Yasmine's class on stage.
Winterlynn the day she spent the night.

I got her in motion!

The little graduate!

Recieving her diploma.

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