Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keeping Busy on the Homestead!

      Usually, September is not that busy for us here on the homestead. Other than pears and muscadines, the harvest is almost done by this time. I could buy some tomatoes to can, but I don't think I'm going to do that. My tomatoes did pretty good, so I have some sauce canned. I have'nt really planted a fall garden in the past. Not so this year! I have been busy lately, planting cold weather crops. The temps have been cooler, but it is so dry! I'm having to water regular, even though it's still so humid! You'd think the humidity would just turn into rain! I'm so glad the temps are not like they were a couple of years ago, never a day under 100 during the whole month of September!

      I'm so thankful for shorter days, too! A body has to rest sometimes! But I work right up until dark, most of the time. I think by the end of the week, I'll have most of my projects done. Especially, have the garden planted. Soon enough, I'll have to resort to inside projects, of which I have plenty of. Then I can get back to writing more often, hopefully. 

      I hope your weather is cooler where you live, but not too cool! Cold weather is not my friend! I will deal with it when I have to, and hopefully that will be a long time from now. Have a great week and thanks for reading! Blessings from Bama!

We went camping. It was fun but really hot and humid.

Randy and his Mom and Dad.

My sister and Randy playing with the girls. 

The pumpkin I grew just coudn't make it til fall. It became chicken food.

Putting cardboard in the garden. The okra is looking good! I hope it makes soon.

I made this rocket stove. It worked good!

Still waiting on the watermelon to get ripe!

The newest members of our homestead.


  1. You make me tired reading what you do! LOL Glad you are getting nicer weather and getting your fall garden planted. Hope it does well for you. Nancy

    1. LOL! It is tiring but so rewarding! Thank you Nancy!

  2. I'm glad you are able to enjoy the nice weather. Your newest members are super cute!

    1. Thanks, Jacky! It is very nice, but so humid! Sweating at 79! They are cute!


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