Thursday, March 10, 2016

Welcoming Spring, 2016!

      I know it's not officially Spring, but our weather says so! If you could take an afternoon stroll with me here on the homestead, you would see it. Plum trees in full bloom, tulip tree blooming out, and all other trees budding! I only have a couple of daffodils blooming, but everything else speaks Spring! The temps are in the upper 70's-lower 80's. The wind is blowing strong gusts, and there's pollen everywhere! I just love this time of year! Is it Spring where you live? I hope so! If not, you seriously need to visit Alabama, if only by a virtual tour!

      I am still on my weight-loss journey. After following Brad and Jess Gouthro for two months, I have changed to following Tracy Anderson. I am so thankful for the Gouthro's and how they jump started me in the right direction! I would advise almost everyone to try their methods at one time or another! My body needed a change and I noticed that my arms weren't really toning like I thought they should. I scrolled through YouTube and happened on Tracy Anderson. I actually saw her before, but I wasn't in to that sort of workout then, so I kept scrolling. There is a time for everything, and now is the time for my change, so I clicked on her videos. I even tried a couple of them. I am hooked! I love her workouts! I just started last week and I don't even follow them everyday like you're supposed to; and I am noticing a difference in my upper body! I think even in my arms! Who would've thought that just by using three pound weights, you could get into shape? Her exercises remind me of the old fashioned kind like Jane Fonda always did. Do you remember them? I don't follow Tracy's eating plan, as I've heard it is very minimal. I am still eating the way I learned from the Gouthro's, just a little less meat. Kind of Paleo. I have been walking a lot more and am noticing changes in my legs and glutes. I am pleased; but still have a long way to go. Then I will be in maintenance mode. I really am so much happier now than I was this time last year! Amazing what a relationship with the Lord can do! He leads me on the path I need to follow, if I give Him half a chance! Give Jesus a place in your life today, if you haven't already done so. I promise you won't be disappointed!

      I have some photos to share with you below. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying Spring, here on the homestead! Blessings from Bama!

The girls and Randy opening their treasure box. He had a map and everything! It was so neat how excited they were to find a treasure box buried on our homestead, full of golden, chocolate coins!

The photo was taken from a distance. Looks like Lulu was trying to take over the steering wheel. Winterlynne and Yasmine had been running and jumped onto the back.

My delicious oatmeal pancakes! Dried berries on top.

Beautiful Winterlynne growing up so fast!

Cute little Riley is too!

Scrambled eggs and sausage with kale.

Sorry, the sun was in their eyes!

My Dad was driving this day.

Blueberry pancakes with nuts on top.

The tulips on the little tree are opening.

My one and only large daffodil.
These are actually miniature daffodils. They look bigger in the picture.

Randy cut down the dying tree and planted a pecan tree. I love pecans!

I nearly stepped on this dead bat!

A wreath I'm working on. I think I need smaller flowers.

If you could only smell the fragrance coming from this tiny tea olive flower! It is unbelievable!





  1. Oh spring. We are slowly getting there, our yard is so muddy, almost all snow is gone. I'v never heard of tiny tea olive flower, what does is smell like? Yes, the girls are getting big. What fun to bury a treasure. How is Skylar?

    1. Hi Jacky! I know you'll be glad when the snow is gone and doesn't come back until winter! The tea olive tree has tiny flowers that smell like the most fragrant flower you have ever smelled! I just can't describe it! They sure did enjoy that! He is fine! Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi! I am so glad for you that you are losing weight and getting in shape. Now that the warmer weather is at your state you will enjoy getting outdoors so much. Enjoy your family! Nancy

    1. Good luck on your weight loss. I am trying to do better myself. I am walking the trials here at work when I can and then during the week I am trying to walk down to the lake (I am trying for every day but that never seems to happen). Thank God spring is here!

    2. Yes, I am so thankful for Spring, too Becky! Keep up the good work! Walking is the best form of exercise! Blessings!

    3. Hi Nancy! Yes, I sure am enjoying getting outside everyday! The weather is beautiful here! Everyday brings more blooms and blosoms! Thank you! We enjoy our family very much! Blessings!


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