Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hello, Summer!

      I can hardly believe it's summer! Wow! What warm temps we're having! It's been in the nineties for about a month! When summer hits the South, it really hits! From nice cooler weather and rain, to BAM! Heatwave! At least we've been having nice breezes! And the humidity hasn't been as bad on some days. We have been to the beach; celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and celebrated Father's Day. Not to mention Yasmine and Mother's birthdays! Now, we have 4th of July and my sister's birthday to celebrate.

      My garden is doing good, what survived that is. For some reason my two squash plants just killed over! I'm still trying to grow some in the grow bags. Almost everything is doing good in the grow bags. The tomatoes and pepper plants are flourishing, as are the cucumbers. The sweet potatoes and strawberries are as well. I've really enjoyed summer so far! I have harvested almost two gallons of blackberries! That was not fun, as I always get chiggers! Still have them! I'm sure there are more blackberries that need picking; I'm just not sure if it's worth getting more chiggers! The eggplant plants are producing eggplants! I haven't harvested one yet, as I want them to get just a bit larger.

      I've been suffering with a terrible chest cold this week. I hate being sick, especially during summer when there's so much to do! I hope this stuff leaves my body soon! But even with that, I am so blessed! I just have to stop and look at God's creation to realize it. Everything around me is so beautiful! The hanging baskets, daylilies, green grass and trees! There's beauty in them thar' hills! Thanks, ya'll for reading my blog! Have a healthy and safe 4th! Blessings from Bama! Update!: I just came in from doing chores and my chest feels so much better! I'm beginning to heal, Praise the Lord!
Love this view!

Randy in his new recliner for Father's Day/Twenty-fifth anniversary!

Randy and Gavyn in the old chair.
I made this for a friend.
These beauties rode with us all the way to the beach! What were we thinking?

Our favorite spot at the beach!

Randy and Riley with Winterlynn in background.

Me and Gavyn had a good time on the Sea Dragon!

The three younger pirates.

The little bit older pirate.

What fun at the amusement park!

A deer right outside the camper! They were so tame!

I love this picture! They are all asleep on the way home from the beach! I guess the trip wore them out!

Loving all my pretty plants!
These beauties are going into hanging baskets.
One of the eggplant plants. 

The grow bag garden. Sorry it's sideways! Taken from my phone.


  1. Oh, I hope you continue to heal quickly! Sorry that you lost your squash plants. Looks like I have quite a few doing okay so if they continue come and get one!! Summer has hit full force here also even though we aren't down south like you. Enjoy your garden! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by! Thank for you well wishes! I'm almost healed now! Blessings!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That sure looks like a nice chair Randy is sitting in. Those girls are getting so big...what fun you must have with them. The beach looks amazing. That's a lot of blackberries - chiggers...we don't have so many of those here...gnats, mosquitos, deer flies - they keep us from enjoying some summer days. Bugs really don't bother me, I can be outside with Al and he will have a cloud of them on him and I don't have any by me. Must be something about how I taste... He is my best mosquito replent. lol. Have a good week. We are waiting to cut our hay on the 4th of July weekend when Al has a few days off. Pray for no rain so we can get it done. Enjoy your family.

    1. Hi Jacky! I hear you about the bugs! If you ever go picking blackberries, you'll understand about chiggers! Glad you don't have to worry about them! Our chair is so comfortable! And the beach was nice! Funny about Al and the bugs! We haven't had too many mosquitoes so far this summer. But I'm sure that will change! Hope the weather holds out for ya'll! Have a great weekend! Blessings!


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