Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More deliciousness from my kitchen!

   I haven't been out of the kitchen much lately, except to go outside for a couple of hours today. The weather has been so nice yesterday and today, so I'm taking advantage of it! When I'm in the house, I cook and wash dishes, and vacuum, get the idea. I love being a housewife, though, even if I don't draw a paycheck ! The couch and chair had to be put on the porch to air out cause hubby sprayed it down with so much Fabreeze, we couldn't breathe. It's in now, but still smells pretty strong. I hope that smell fades quickly! It makes my arms itch! 
      I made mac and cheese from a recipe I got from the country cook. I have copied many of her recipes and have enjoyed all of them. Go visit her. I also use recipes from my collection of cookbooks. It's hard for me to pass up cookbooks at yard sales and estate sales but I occasionally leave one behind. The strawberry jam turned out so good and very pretty! I've used it in cream cheese to spread on a bagel, and mixed it in with plain yogurt. So delicious! I actually have a picture of my carrot cake that turned out so good. I also made homemade salsa today! I have to tell you: it was good! I made chips out of corn tortillas by cutting them in fourths, spraying them with oil, sprinkled salt on top, and baked for about 18 minutes. They were the best I ever tasted! What have you been cooking lately? Have a nice week! Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy these photos! Blessings from Bama!

Aren't these pretty strawberries?

The jam process.

Close-up of the strawberries starting to foam.

They turned so dark and red!

I promise I didn't eat this all by myself!

Hubs likes his food real done so I kind of browned it a little. It is delicious this way!

Freshly made salsa!

I used this to make the salsa. So easy!

Chips in the making.


  1. Everything looks so good. I've never tried to make my own tortilla chips. I'm gonna try that. With homemade salsa? Sounds like great SuperBowl food to me. YUM!

  2. Wow-your hubby is a very lucky man. All homemade food - yum. I wish I had the patience and the time. But with 3 little picky eaters I gotta do simple & quick...your energy and cooking posts are certainly inspirational. Have a fabulous day

  3. Bama girl I am in awe! I think your family is so lucky!

  4. You are amazing! Make your own jam, really? I could never do that! I was reading through some of your older posts and I'm so glad to hear your town wasn't hit by the tornadoes. Looking forward to seeing your finished craft room :)


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