Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on my craft room for the challenge.

      I've been real busy cooking, cleaning, etc. and last night I worked in the craft room on my tu-tu wreath. I never knew it would take me so long to finish! It's a good thing I got started on it way before Christmas! I wished I had the energy a lot of you Moms and crafters have, so I could zip everything into a completed task as quickly as ya'll do! It just doesn't happen for me that quickly! Maybe you can see  a little dent in my project! At least the wreath is not still laying on the table in it's unfinished state! It's now finished and hanging on the wall! Yay! An accomplishment for me! Are you taking the Mission Impossibilities challenge? You might just get surprised at what you can accomplish if you  try! Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

The unfinished wreath on the table.

Where the wreath was laying.

The finished wreath  hanging on wall.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea. Can you tell I like wreaths?


  1. Love it! And thanks for sharing the link with me ... I'm getting a bit stressed about that rapidly approaching deadline. Now if my neighbor could just find that ladder!


  2. Hello from another wreath lover! Your tutu wreath is so cute. I love the butterflies. I have all the stuff out to make my Mardi Gras wreath but I can't find time to actually do it. Soon...I keep saying.


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