Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring!

      I'm actually glad for the break, since I have so much to do inside. There's so much, that it would probably take me two or three days straight, to get caught up on the things I need/want to do inside. The outside is coming along much better, although I have plenty to do there, as well. We were very fortunate this past weekend to be spared of the storms! My thoughts and prayers are with those who did not fare well, however.

       I was just cutting up ginger to make homemade ginger ale, but there's only 1 cup and the recipe calls for 1&1/2 cups. Rats! I also need some cilantro for bean soup or bean burritos; rats, again! Hubs to the rescue! I just have to wait until he gets home with them, though. At least I had all of the ingredients to make terriyaki chicken for the freezer! I won't use boneless thighs again, though! It was so time consuming cutting off the fat! By the time I got that done, I could have just used a whole chicken, or chicken breasts, de-boned them, and cut them up! This was the first time I bought boneless chicken thighs and I got them on mark down, or I wouldn't have purchased them. I already had chicken breasts purchased on markdown in the freezer. Live and learn!

      I have some new irises blooming that are so beautiful! They have a small, almost lily like flower on them! Also, we have some more manure hay! They man next door was on his property next to ours. He was on his tractor, moving around fallen trees and branches from last year's storm, so I got his attention and asked if he would mind hoisting that pile over. He did, and now that's one less job for me and the buckets or wheelbarrow! I'm so glad! The stuff will eventually compost, but for now the chickens are loving it! Hope to chat with ya'll later! Have a great week! Blessings from Bama!

We're enjoying oranges on the patio. Isn't Jasmine getting to be a big girl? She'll be 3 in June. That's me with the hat! I wear it when I'm outside to protect my head from the heat in the summer, and wind in the winter.

Winterlynn is their cousin. She's two. (The children in these photos are my great-nieces.) We're in the process of cleaning up what you see in the background. Before long, there will be an above ground pool there. I'll really have to watch the children then!

Layla has bad allergies! Her eyes were swollen and tears were running down her face! She spits out her meds! That's why I was feeding them oranges; for the vitamin C.

He touched the mountains and they smoked. It always looks like this when it rains.

The new irises are the deep yellow in front.

Such a beautiful color!

How they look at a distance.

I don't know the name of this rose, but I wished ya'll could smell it!

Ginger chicken for the crockpot.

I try to categorize things but it's becoming futile!

When I took this picture earlier today, it was raining. Now the sun is shining!


  1. Hi! Your place looks so big! The yellow iris is pretty! Is making ginger ale hard or time consuming? How long does it keep when you make it? I like your hat. I wear a hat all the time too because I have had skin cancer surgery. Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  2. The rain hit us today too. I set all of my potted plants outside so they could get a good soaking. I posted pics of the ground cover that I have that looks like miniature wisteria. Go look at it and let me know if you know the name of it. So far, I have no answers and it's killing me, haha.

  3. Hi Bama Girl! Your new blooming irises are lovely. How did the homemade ginger ale turn out? An above-ground pool sounds great for those hot Alabama summer days! You were smart in getting an upright freezer. I have a chest freezer and almost do somersaults to find my stuff in there. I've tried to keep lists on what goes in and comes out, but you're right as that becomes futile quickly too.

    I also wanted to share with you that I talked about your fig tree so much, that my husband surprised me with a trip to a local nursery where I had my choice out of 5 varieties of fig trees as part of my birthday. I had no clue there was that many varieties to choose from. I chose Brown Turkey Fig, or something like that, and he's already planted it. My question, do you think we'll get any figs this year or is it too soon after planting?

    ....and thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!

  4. Lovely garden! I long for more space!

    We have had cool weather, rain and hail today. It is due to rain for the rest of the month - hopefully it will help with the predicted drought!


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