Monday, April 30, 2012

Camping Trip!

      Yes, we finally got to go camping! We had a great weekend with some great people! The weather was so nice, too! It was on a lake so there were lots of boats and people. At least everyone acted right, no wild parties or anything. Sometimes you don't know if the people around you will be nice or whatever. Our son went with us and had a great time as well. He actually helped take care of a little two-year-old who was with us. Her Mommy is about to give birth to her little sister in three weeks, so we kept a close eye on her. Mommy didn't go into labor or anything and seemed to enjoy herself in spite of herself. Camping is a wonderful way to connect with people and nature and we had a good combination of both. I didn't know my camera card was almost full (imagine that) so I didn't get to take very many pics. I got some good shots, though.

      Well, the weather has finally turned hot again after a week or two of spring-like weather. That's how I'm able to be inside this time of day writing a post. I actually came in at 11:30 burning from the sun with a sweaty forehead. The weather changes so abruptly here that one hardly has a chance to adjust! I don't think I'll ever adjust to that burning sun! It's 87 degrees! We seem to be experiencing a drought for this time of year. I don't like droughts! Our lush green grass quickly turns brown when that happens. There doesn't seem to be very many clouds so I don't think there's much chance of rain for today. At least when it's cloudy, the sun doesn't burn as bad. I'm discouraged about my garden because the green bean seeds and the cucumber seeds are not coming up. Neither are the straight neck squash. I'm concerned it may be too late to replant. I'll have to check with garden center and see if they have any more  of these seeds since WM didn't.

      I was going to post on Friday since that was the one year anniversary of the tornadoes that came through our state, and other states. I posted last year  with photos, so if you'd like to look in the archives under May 2011, you can see what happened just a few short miles from my home. Actually, it was just over that small mountain across the street! When I think about that day, I get really upset because so many people lost their lives and/or everything they owned! We came through that area on the way home from the camping trip and it still looks like a tornado came through! It will take a lifetime for all of those trees to grow back! Some people have built new homes, others chose to move away! Lots of trailers were destroyed and the people moved somewhere else. I can't blame folks for not wanting to live there! We were very fortunate that only a small twister came through our back yard and took down several large Hickory trees. I was so thankful they fell away from the house since it happened right next to our bedroom where I was still in bed! If the tree had fallen in a different direction, I might not be here to write this post! God spared our lives that day, and I want to serve Him and do whatever He has for me to do! Ya'll have a great week! I hope to be posting again this week! Blessings from Bama!

Cooking Ketchup!

One and a half pints of Ketchup.
Delicious Baked Potato Soup!

Can you believe this was growing on the side of the camper? And that I caught a hornet flying up to it!
This is what it looks like in real life.

He found the hornet's nest when he went to wash that side.

Hubs to the rescue!

This was the largest one that fell out. Could it be the queen?

What beautiful smiles!

Happy family!

What a way to start the day!

Second nature!

Look what he caught!

Bass Pros!

You don't expect me to believe that story! (He really didn't catch this fish; only dragged it in at the shore. It had just been released and looks like it's dying!)

She throws them and he picks them up!


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a fun time! And, yeah, the heat is definitely here. We're getting our A/C serviced tomorrow to prepare for a HOT summer!


    1. Too bad you live quite a way from us. My hubs is an hvac tech!

  2. Hi Bama Girl, Oh, how I miss our fifth-wheel!! It rained here today and is suppose to for the next few days. Guess I shouldn't complain but I need to get some more garden planted. We did need the rain but now it can stop for a few days! lol We took our daughter out to lunch today and I had potato soup. Yum! I need to buy some potatoes and make some! Do you cook down tomtoes to make your catsup or how do you make it? Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    1. Hi Nancy, I'm glad you are getting rain! We really need it here! I think the temp is supposed to be 90 tomorrow! Whew! Got to love Alabama!
      I haven't tried cooking down tomatoes for the ketchup, I just used tomato sauce. Maybe I'll get to try using tomatoes this summer, if I have an abundance from my garden.

  3. Hi Bama Girl! ~ What a TERRIFIC family time!! You are right, every one looks so happy and relaxed and what great memories ya'll made. We've got the heat here too. Feels more like 'June' than end of 'April'... well I guess beginning of 'May' now! Have a good day.

  4. Hi Bama girl, Would you be willing to share your ketchup recipe when you have time? Nancy

  5. We just got back from camping this past weekend also. I'll be posting on my blog soon. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I do love camping....


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