Monday, November 26, 2012

Did you have dressing or stuffing for Thanksgiving?

      Personally, I prefer dressing. That is what I grew up with, so that is what I make. It is very delicious! I make mine from Gladiola cornbread mix, so it's not exactly from 'scratch'. I like the way the cornbread mix turns out, and it's not sweet, as some might think. I chop onions and celery and add fresh eggs to the mix, as well as cream of chicken soup, poultry seasoning, cooked shredded chicken, and chicken stock. Some people make biscuits and add, or bread but I don't. It turns out really good and tastes good for several days. I haven't found a stuffing that I like because I associate stuffing with the stove-top kind! I'm sure there are good recipes for it, but I'll just stick with my dressing.

      It was nice to have almost all of the family here to eat and fellowship with! That little Riley is already growing up! She's gained a pound in two weeks! That's OK, since she was small to begin with. We had the girls with us for several days, so I didn't get to write like I thought I would. It's nice to have the house quiet and back in order again! But it was fun while it lasted!

      I hope to find some good prices when I go shopping at Aldi tomorrow. They usually have their hams marked down after the holidays along with other produce. Hope I haven't missed anything! I'll let you know next time if I got a good deal. I did get a good deal on pecans: 5lbs. for $12.50! I am going to get some more soon. Hope ya'll have a good week! Blessings from Bama!

Yasmine loves to hold the baby!

The making of my dressing.

I cooked a hen in the crockpot to go in the dressing. I only used half of it, so I shredded and froze the other half. I used the bones and inner parts of the hen to cooked up a nice chicken stock in the slow-cooker. 

What's left of the Thanksgiving dinner. My Mom and I both made dressing. Mine is in the white dish. They were both delicious!

That was the best pecan pie and sweet potato casserole I've ever eaten!

The collie took to Rubi that day.

Family enjoying the warm temps Thanksgiving day.

Can't forget Daisey and Delilah!

The girls love to swing! Amber has lost a lot of weight! I wished she would do it the healthy way!

Nanny and three of her greats!

Here's all four.

She's looking at the camera!

They are so cute!

I got two quarts of chicken stock.

Five pounds of pecans  turned into this. That is honeycomb I'm trying to let drain of all the honey so I can use the wax.

We didn't add honey to the jars, they just seem to fill up!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and Dinner! I like Stovetop dressing but not most of the others. What do you do with the wax from the honey? Do you chew on it for allergys? Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! I hope to use the wax, after I melt it, in balms and salves. I haven't thought about chewing it to alleviate allergies! Good idea!

  2. Dressing all the way! My mom makes it like you do-with chicken and all the good stuff! I could eat and eat and eat it for days. With real cranberry sauce-oh yum.

    Your pictures are sweet and the baby is adorable!

  3. Up here in the Northwoods...we make stuffing. Not Stove-top Stuffing. We don't use cornbread like you do, I think that is a Southern thing. We make a bread base stuffing. I grew up with sausage stuffing inside the bird; now they tell you not to do that. I usually stuff my bird with veggies and put the stuffing in a roaster. I make mine with dried bread cubes, onions, celery, parsley, sage, stock from the gibblets cooked down (the cat's Thanksgiving treat) and add craisins. It is really good! Your family sure had a treat with all that food and fellowship! Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Jacky, that sounds delicious! I think I might like stuffing after all! Yes, we had lots of fun!

  4. Hi Bama girl. What a great Thanksgiving. I too, love cornbread dressing. It is so much better than bread stuffing. My Grandmother always made cornbread stuffing, dressing, etc.
    She was from Mississippi. Interesting about the honey. Your family photos are priceless. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Linda! You're part Southern! That's wonderful! Thanks!

  5. Rachel - HomesteadingquestNovember 27, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    I must say I am envious of the honeycomb... that is something my husband absolutely adores. Thanks for sharing!


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