Monday, November 5, 2012

Our waiting is almost over!

      April's baby will be born tomorrow morning, bright and early somewhere around 8:00! Probably later, but that is the projected time for her c-section. The birth is taking place at the beautiful, brand new UAB Women's and Infants clinic in Birmingham. The baby's name? Still a question for me! We are so excited and can hardly wait to welcome her to the family!

      I thought my apple trees were scheduled to be here this week as well, but they aren't scheduled to be shipped until the middle of the month. We have another surprise addition to our homestead, Rubi, a six week old chocolate lab! She is so cute and so smart! Of course, since the weather has turned a little cooler here these past couple of days, she is inside! She actually has been very good! I'm thinking of getting some puppy pads so she'll stop 'using' the kitchen mat! She always goes there, so maybe she'll use a pad!

      We've had lots of family here since Friday! Of course I'll have lots of photos at the end of this post! Hope you all had a great weekend and are staying safe and warm! I'm getting used to a colder house, since we only have heat in our bedroom! It's not bad though, so I just wear warmer clothes! Stay in touch for pictures of the new baby later in the week! Blessings from Bama!

Yasmine and Layla playing with the 'new' car.

Look at that cute pose!

I couldn't get her to look at the camera, but she's cute anyway!

They love the ice cream cone!

Look Aunt FeFe, I can drive!

Layla likes to drive too!

Her feet can finally reach the pedals, so she is learning how to peddle!

Inspecting the new addition.

Skylar's baby!

Eeww, puppy breath!

Awww, how sweet!

Winterlynne came to drive the car the next day.

She's such a cutie!

April holding Rubi.

Her eyes are blue! Will they stay that color?


  1. I hope everything goes well in the birth of the little one. Aren't little kids cute! I love your little lab puppy! Our son has a brown lab and she is such a good dog. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you! I think she will be a good dog!

  2. What do you mean "eww puppy breath"? I LOVE puppy breath. If I see someone with a puppy I will always ask to smell it. Is there something wrong with me...wait, don't answer that. :) Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Eww...!! It's smells like bologna, or 'bolony' as we call it in the South! But I'm getting used to it! OK, I won't answer that!

  3. Hi Bama Girl!
    That chocolate lab pup is such a cutie! Is he Skylar's? There's nothin' like a 'boy and his dog'. Hope all is going well with the birth of the new baby. Looks like you're keeping busy with the little ones. Have a good day.
    PS Your fried apples from your previous post looked absolutely mouthwatering delicious! Great shot of the moon too! :)

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, the chocolate lab is Skylar's even though I take care of her while he is at school. I indeed have been busy with the babies lately and I can't wait for you to see the newest addition, she's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks!

  4. Puppy is sooooo cute! Having such close contact will help make good behavior as an adult dog, eh? These times are irreplaceable for Skylar...what a bond! I also love that Auntie FeFe is with her nieces so much! They will always be close! :) Thanks you so much for sharing your lovely life! Cheeryshirley

    1. I think she will understand our language much better. Dogs raised in the house, at least in the beginning, seem to be 'smarter' than the ones that aren't. I LOVE seeing Skylar interact with Rubi! Oh, with Thanksgiving coming up, they will be at Aunt FeFe's house a lot!


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