Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

      I hope you all are doing well and have enjoyed the holidays! There's a lot of sickness going around and I've had my share! I am well now, thank the Lord! My nieces have been sick, but I hope they are doing better now. Christmas was wonderful and filled with joy and excitement as the children opened their presents! The food was good, and everyone got full. We packed up the camper and went to the Great Smoky Mountains the day after Christmas, and boy was it cold! It rained a lot too! We even got to see snow, just not on the ground. There were so many people there, it took an hour to drive twenty minutes! I don't like it when there are so many people, but we had a good time anyway! We went to the Opry show, the Titanic, and the Comedy Barn. They were all fantastic! The Comedy Barn show wasn't the same as before, though. The Opry show was done so professionally! All the singers and dancers were so talented! And the Titanic! Wow! I highly recommend you see that if you ever get the chance! 

      I have started the New Year out exercising today! I can't believe how out of shape I am! I couldn't even bring my legs to my chest! I only had to do fifteen minutes of various jumping and jogging exercises, but they were so difficult. I could only do them for thirty seconds each, instead of sixty! I am going to continue to walk on the alternating days. We'll see how long this fifteen minutes of jumping and jogging lasts! It really made me sweat, and that's how you loose fat! I also worked out with weights and did some yoga. I like yoga, it really helps me to unwind after a hard workout! I will also be continuing with my green smoothies, and eating more salads and fresh and steamed veggies. 

      I am so looking forward to Spring, especially on a dreary day like today! I hope to order some more seeds soon, just as quickly as I can go through my seed catalogs. I do hope the garden produces for us this year! I'm ready for a harvest! I hope I've learned from past mistakes so that we will have more veggies this year. I have a lot of photos to share the season with you. Hope ya'll stay warm and well! Blessings from Bama!

Skylar got a helicopter for Christmas!

She has outgrown her bed! She's grown even more since I took this picture!

Skylar also got an i-pod. He is really enjoying it!

They are really serious about that food!

Wait, is that the cd Skylar lost?

I like my red dining room! Even though it's not finished yet!

Seriously opening presents!

She's enjoying the excitement!

Oh, lookey what I got! All 3 of them fought over this! If we had known they liked it so, we would have gotten all three of them one!

Yasmine and Layla with their kitchen.

This is Nocollula Falls, close to where we live. There is a huge gorge all this water falls down into.

The river that runs through Gatlinburg.

My two favorite men.

Can you believe this rose was blooming in late December?

When I first saw this, I thought it was really floating along. Then I saw the cord attached and realized that it wasn't going very far.

The building where we saw the show. I have no photos of this show since I thought my camera was at the camper. It was in the car, argh!

My handsome fellow! Those are apple trees.

Isn't this a lovely barn? Actually, it's the store.

They wouldn't let us take cameras inside, and that's o.k. since I forgot mine.

Sorry about the truck, but I was taking a photo from the road and there was so much traffic!

This thing looks real! It's at the wax museum.

These are a good likeness.

The Comedy Barn show.


The whole gang!

Our camper.

The creek behind the camper. This would be a nice place to come in warmer weather.


  1. We haven't been to Pigeon Forge in a long time but we go to Branson, MO frequently. We also really enjoy the Titanic. ( they have one there). Great show. Looks like a nice trip.

    1. We've never been to Branson, but I've heard it is a lot of fun! Lots of shows and stuff. We had a great time! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One year when we were full timing in our fifth-wheel we camped near Gatlinburg. Wondering if it was the same spot you were! Our kids rented a cabin up in the mountains and we celebrated Christmas there. Beautiful place! Nancy

    1. Oh Nancy, you have such great memories with your family and camping! I hope to have them as well! We stayed inside Pigeon Forge, so that may be the same campground! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow looks like fun! Those little girls are so cute! Love the red walls. Our bedroom closet still needs trim - been like 18 years....oh well. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Thank you Jacky, it was! Yes, let's not talk about the closets! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lovely pictures.
    Look at their concentration while opening the presents.

    1. Hello Haddock! Yes, they are so anxious! I loved watching their faces light up and the smiles they shared! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. How fun, I love your photos! I love the King Kong one, it does look real! Looks like you had a lovely time! :)

  6. You have a lovely family. Inspiring to see the closeness and simplicity of things.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Thanks for being my newest follower!


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