Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet the boys!

      We made a two hour drive to below Birmingham to a place called Brookwood, and got a wether and a buck Nigerian Dwarf goat! They are big boys compared to our little girls, and they are not as old! The girl who kept them fed them, a LOT! They have a larger place to roam and something to climb on so I think they will loose some of the extra weight. They are so cute! To me, anyway! I would probably say that even about a pig! I just love farm animals! After reading about breeding them, I've decided to wait until the girls are at least 40 pounds, and maybe up to a year and a half. I want them to birth the babies without hardship and I want there to be plenty of milk! It is so interesting finding new information on these animals! We even traced their lineage and found out that the boys and girls are distantly related! Can you believe that? Drive two hours just so that wouldn't happen! Oh well, I think it won't matter, do you? I haven't read where the genealogy matters about breeding, when it's like great-great-great or something. 

      We are having another fantastic weather day! The sun is shining in between clouds, the wind is blowing, and it's 62 degrees outside! I love it! The hubs is supposed to get me a new lawnmower battery so I can drive it down the back side of the hill and get some dirt. Hopefully I can do this before it rains again.
I have some kale and beet seeds I can plant soon! Ya'll have a good week! Blessings from Bama!

Java and Samson. Java is on the left, he's the buck. The wether is pretty too!

Java has blue eyes like Daisey and Delilah.

The hubs rolled in some logs that they love to climb on. The board will have shingles placed on it later for them to climb on.

Java's face is so black! His eyes show up nicely on it.

They are big compared to the girls.

The girls.

Did I show you this already? The beets, beet greens, and sweet potato. The beet greens are my favorite above kale and Swiss chard.

Winterlynn and her 'water falls' as she called it.

Winterlynn's third birthday cake.

She sang along with everyone when we sang happy birthday to her!



  1. SO CUTE!! It's such fun to hear your excitement through your writing. I've not fixed beet greens, but have heard they are good. When do you harvest yours and how do you fix them? We were cccccold today so looking forward to some of your AL weather blowing our way tomorrow! Hugs!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you! I purchased these from Whole Foods, but you probably harvest them when they get to a nice size. Look at the ones in the grocery store so you can gauge about how large to harvest them. I just caramelized some onions in a skillet, added the greens until they cooked down, and splashed in some balsamic vinegar. So delicious! Hope your weather is nice tomorrow! Hugs!

  2. Lots of lovely pictures! What enjoyment you must get from watching your goats antics! Your meal sounds good! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, we sure do enjoy them! Thank you!

  3. We have bred goats before. The "relative" factor won't affect them. When you breed within the same "family" it is called line breeding - a part of the same family line. The boys are cute. You will get some great color. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

    1. Hi Jacky! Thank you for sharing this! Thank you!


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