Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hillbilly Wagon, Playing with the Girls, and more English Muffins!

      Most people who don't live in the South, refer to us as "Hillbillies". I embrace that with humor! Thus, I named the ride: hillbilly wagon. It is just a lawnmower with a wagon attached, used for hauling manure, kids, and whatever else I need to move. The girls L-O-V-E-D it! Except for the little one. She's not strong enough to hold herself up because it knocks her around so easily. She didn't last long in there. She had fun watching her sister and cousin, however. The girls had so much fun here this past weekend, playing outside with bubbles, running, riding cars, hillbilly wagon, you name it! I'm so glad I have a place where they can play outside without fear of traffic and such! The weather was great for them, so it was good they got to play outside. They didn't even argue when it was time to come inside for their naps! They were so TIRED! They all went to sleep in the same room without playing! That's very unusual! I usually have to separate them! They left me exhausted, but in a good way! I think they're coming back this weekend! Oh boy, more hillbilly wagon rides!

      I have been recuperating these past few days and am battling a headache as I write this. It's not too bad, or I wouldn't be able to do this. I haven't had one of these in several months. I thought I wouldn't have any more, but oh well, part of the process, I guess. I have tried another recipe for English muffins, but they are more like a roll. They don't taste like an English muffin, but they are good, none the less. I will try until I find the right one.

      The weather is supposed to continue to get warmer as we head into the weekend. It's a very windy 52 today, but warming into upper 50's tomorrow. Hope the weather is nice where you are! Got to gather my eggs! They're giving me 3-4 eggs a day; that's a good thing! Have a nice week! Blessings from Bama!

They are having a blast with the bubbles!

Randy is having fun too!

Look at her face!

Time to eat, uncle Ran!


Feeding the boys.

Push me Aunt FeFe!

They love running and driving the cars on the driveway!

Some beautiful daffodils.

Run, Ran is chasing us!

Little sister pushing big sister!

Rubi would love to get over to the kids!

Hop in, I'll take you for a ride!

Want to ride in the hillbilly wagon?

They love to play in the sand!

Layla is still in at this point.

The swing is safer for me!

Giving me the OK. 
Lots of places to store things on the new shelves Randy is installing!

Frosted cauliflower, yum!

Muffins in skillet.

The done muffins. This is the cookbook I got the recipe from.


  1. That would be a called a redneck wagon up here :). The girls sure look like they are having so much fun! Your husband must love it too! The girls look like the enjoy being there with you guys. The english muffins look good. We have more snow on the way. I guess I have not choice but to enjoy it - Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. I thought about calling it that, but decided I like hillbilly wagon better:)! The girls love to come here! I think they would stay forever if Mom would let them! Thanks! The muffins taste like rolls! More snow? I guess you got to love Wisconsin!

  2. Everyone looks like they are having such fun! Your English Muffins sure look good in the photo. Great photo of your daffodils. They are one of my most favorite flowers. Our weather is up and down over here. Warm last Sunday, then rainy, now beautiful and cooler.... like a yo-yo. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Lisa! Sounds like the yo-yo we're experiencing! I could have gone out and worked today, but my head wouldn't let me! Have a great day, too!

  3. Hillbilly wagon sounds like fun! What a joy to have the little ones around! Your daffodils are in bloom! Lucky you! Nancy

  4. Hi Bama Girl! Hillbilly Wagon! I'm with the girls...would love to ride in it! :) Love that you ALL like playing with the kids! Why can't play, too? Does she get a little rambunctious? What fun y'all have! So sorry about your headache! I think I would like to try me some English Muffins! Yum! Thanks for your great post and WONDERFUL pictures! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Oh you'd love it! Except for the bouncing around! We do love spending time with the girls and being outside! I am still looking for the right English muffin recipe! Thank you, Cheeryshirley! Hugs to you too!

  5. Correction...Rubi! As In "Why can't Rubi play, too?" Sorry! Cheeryshirley

    1. Yes Rubi is V-E-R-Y rambunctious! She is still a puppy even though she is so big! She doesn't mean to hurt anyone, she just doesn't know how to be gentle! The girls are scared she'll bite them and knock them down! Rubi would, but not in a mean way! She just loves to put everything in her mouth!


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