Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Was it Straight Line Winds, Or a TWISTER?

      Yesterday, the weatherman predicted that we were going to have some severe weather in the afternoon. One often wonders if the weatherman is going to get it right. He did. We got the strongest winds I've experienced yet! One minute Skylar is on the back porch telling me to come look, and by the time I could get out there and look, the wind picked up, rain started blowing, and it began to hail! I barely made it back in the house before the winds gusted so strong! I couldn't even close the door by myself, Skylar had to help close it! The hail continued to peck at the windows as the wind blew ever so severe! I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there and watched it! There were no tornado sirens, so we didn't get in the closet. The county was hit really hard but thankfully no one was killed! We still don't have power, so I'm writing this with generated power. There were trees all around completely blown over from the roots! Some took down power lines with them, thus the reason we  have no power. There were even power lines across the roads, which made traveling very hazardous! There are still places around here that are like that because the power company can only be in so many places at one time! I am thankful for the generator! I was able to wash a load of clothes and bake some cookies. Now I can finish the dinner I started yesterday when this all began. The weather got cold after the storm so we had cold noses during the night, but the rest of our bodies stayed warm under the covers. They even closed the schools today since there were so many power lines across the roads. Skylar was happy! I feel for people here, and in the North, who are experiencing power outages! At least we don't have snow to go along with it! I hope everyone reading this post is safe and warm and will continue to be so! Have a nice day!

My Dad holding one of his great-grand-daughters, Riley.

They love to give the goats a snack! Lulu was having a bad day!

Something's got to give!

Loving those smiles! We need to mow!

One day, it will be the real thing!

Sorry Rubi, but you terrorize the children too much, LOL!

Riley is enjoying the sunshine!

Lulu doesn't quite have the hang of it yet, but she's trying!

Riding in the hillbilly wagon again!
Going to haul the feed to the animals.

The bees are doing great! Their pollen sacks are full!

The girls LOVE to play in the sand better than anything! That's why when the power comes back on, I've got to vacuum!

Should little girls play with guns?

Aren't these the cutest things you've ever seen?

Big tree down beside our property.

Heavy limbs damaged the fence.

Another spot where a limb fell.

Boy, am I thankful for this thing!

I was trying to save on the generator, but next time I'll use the mixer! I do NOT like using this thing! It hurts my left hand!

The sun is so bright today! The blue tarp was over the picnic table!

It's a tangled mess, probably not repairable.

The nectarine tree has the most beautiful pink blooms and the sweetest fragrance!

Peach tree in foreground, plum tree in back.

I made two sheets of these delicious Starbuck's copycat oatmeal cookies!

The irises are blooming again!

I won this cookbook! From Brandi, the country cook!


  1. Oh, my, that was quite a storm! I am glad that you are okay! Your grandchildren look like they have so much fun!! Cookies look yummy and oatmeal must be healthy! lol Nancy

    1. Yes it was, Nancy! Thanks! The great-nieces love to spend time at Aunt Fefe's and Uncle Randy's! Yes, I believe they are! LOL!

  2. One bad thing about Spring is the unpredictable weather. Too bad about the fence and tent. LuLu - oh my, even with a "bad day" what a little cutie. Riley in the sunshine - sweet little face. Yes, girls can play with guns - my Anna goes hunting and is a really good "shot." I don't hunt, but could defend myself if need be. And that is why girls shouldn't be afraid to use a gun rather respect one. Yes, those cookies look like the ones I made. Enjoy your day with your son at home. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. It is soooo unpredictable! They have predicted snow here on Friday, can you believe it? At least the fence was easily repaired and the tent can be replaced. Thanks for the compliments! Good, I was concerned that someone might get offended at that photo! I agree! It was kind of different around here that evening with no power since we didn't get the generator hooked up until the next day! These cookies are so good!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! I am sitting here thanking our dear Father for your safety! How strong were the winds...mph? Do you know? I am surprised that the fences were repairable! So glad! Did the chickens and goats fare well? Were the kiddos with you at the time? Couldn't even close the door alone! Yikes!

    The girls looks great...and, sandy! :) I'll bet "little" Rubi wants to join in on the fun! Do you ever let the goats out to "mingle"? Yes, I agree with Dickey Bird about the guns and girls. Protection, hunting, and even just skill in aim! All are good skills to have!

    Hope your power come back on soon! Love and hugs, Cheeryshirley

  4. Hi Cheeryshirley! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! The winds were 90-120 mph that day! No wonder so many trees were down! The chickens and goats did fine, believe it or not as well as the dogs! The children weren't at my house, but at an apartment in town, where trees were down all around them! Their power wasn't even off during the whole scenario! The entrance to their apt. was blockaded due to down power lines! Yes, the door would not close without the help of Skylar!

    The girls love that sand! Rubi would love to get in on the fun but as hard as she bites me just playing, the girls would be squalling! No, I can't take a chance on letting any of the goats out because the girls are too small to breed yet. They would head straight to the boys, or vice-versa! Gun skills are important for both sexes!

    Thanks, the power came on the next evening but my Mom was without power another day. Their's is on now but the area is still a mess with lots of limbs and debris scattered. It never ceases to amaze me how much damage can be done in just a few seconds! And it never ceases to amaze me of God's protection of His own! Love and hugs to you too!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Storms can be so destructive. Glad you all are safe. That cookbook reminds me that I want to do a cookbook giveaway again soon! Maybe even that one!

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, they can! Thanks! I entered your giveaway! Hope I win that one too!


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