Friday, May 17, 2013

Hope you all had a wonderful time with your family on Mother's Day!

      We sure did! We all got to eat at Red Lobster! That was a treat for me since I cook so much! It was a nice day to be outside because we had to wait so long. With all the children, the time went by quickly! We sure did enjoy that delicious food and fellowship!

      Win stayed with us from Sunday til Tuesday, so I've been occupied! She keeps me company so that I don't have time for much else! All the girls are coming today, but they all play together and keep each other occupied, if you know what I mean! If the rain doesn't mess everything up, they are supposed to go with us to a birthday party tomorrow. There will be  a slide, a jumpy thing and who knows what all! There's a 60% of rain tomorrow, so we'll see.

      I re-planted some squash and zucchini, since some of the seeds didn't come up. The beans are growing nicely, though. I also re-planted cucumbers since all but one of those didn't come up. I'm still learning about gardening! I should have transplanted my seedlings into larger pots; now I've still got seedlings to plant into the ground! I don't know why I didn't think to do that! I would really like a greenhouse, since I don't have a very good place to grow them inside. The dining table is a good place, but we use it occasionally and the seedlings have to be moved. I never moved them back. So, all that waiting on heirloom tomatoes may time even longer! I still enjoy it though, and will continue to plant seeds until I get that greenhouse!

      I feel like all my posts look alike, so that's why I haven't written much lately! I write about my home and what I do here, so there's not much else to see. I hope ya'll don't get tired of seeing the same old thing! But, it's my life! Enjoy your weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Mom, Skylar, and Dad, waiting in front of Red Lobster. Willie in back.

Randy feeding Riley a fry! She's getting so big!

Randy and his Mom.

Margo Coster rose, and the wild rose and goose in the background.

I can't capture the beauty of Sir Thomas Graham!

The irises finally opened! Aren't they beautiful?

Isn't this a pretty peony?

Win looks like a boy here, but I had to put that shirt on her to keep her arms from getting too sunburned!

I've got to do something with these bags of leaves! The rose's beauty is so hard to show up on film.

This might be a better view.

Rubi likes the Frisbee!

Skylar about to get the Frisbee from Rubi.


  1. I hope the girls got to enjoy the birthday party! Our lives are much the same so keep posting. You accomplish so much and wish I could to!!!Looks like family take a lot of your time but that you really enjoy them. That is great. Glad you got to go out to eat for Mother's Day! Nancy

    1. I do too, Nancy! Two have fevers, so they're not going. The privet blooming reeks havoc on sinuses! Thanks Nancy! YOU get SO MUCH accomplished! I do enjoy them! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Have fun at the birthday party. Win looks like she could get into some maybe chasing you on the tricycle. She should do that to Rubi...:) Have a good weekend.

    1. Oh yea, she can! Ha!Ha!Ha! Rubi would love that! Thanks, Jacky!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! My immediate thought as I was reading your post was of a hymn written by Isaac Watts entitled My God, How Endless Is Thy Love! May I print it here?
    My God, how endless is Thy love! Thy gifts are every evening new;
    And morning mercies from above, gently distill like evening dew.

    Thou spreadest the curtain of the night, Great Guardian of my sleeping hours;
    Thy Sovereign word restores the light, and quickens all my drowsy powers.

    I yield myself to Thy command; To Thee I consecrate my days;
    Perpetual blessings from Thy hand, Demand perpetual songs of praise.

    Please DO NOT stop from chronicling His perpetual blessings...His gifts are every evening "new"! This is the life He has given you and we LOVE seeing it, hearing about it, reading it! The things you show are people, animals, growing things, cooking, homesteading...the "real" gifts you've been blessed with! Thank you for sharing His blessings with us! And, we will join you in giving perpetual praise to Him! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Oh, that is so thoughtful of you to share here, Shirley! I looked back at my posts and I thought they all looked alike, but I'm not going to stop sharing what I love and what God has blessed us with! I love what I do, and I guess if people aren't interested, then they don't have to stay. I pass by blogs occasionally that don't interest me! We're all different and have different tastes. I'm thankful for all my readers who enjoy my posts! I pray for God to bless you all! Thank you Shirley, for all your kind words!

  4. Please don't ever feel what you write and photograph is not worthy happenings, as you are chronicling you and your family's life and homestead journey and that is most important venture. I enjoy what you share about all your goings-ons and yes enjoy a friendly little iris 'envy' and now peony 'envy'.... not to mention fig tree 'envy'. :) Thanks to your showing how big your fig tree was, I knew to plant my much MUCH smaller new fig tree last year in a LARGE spot for it to grow. Tom did not believe me, but trusted me, and this year now that ours has grown, though not anywhere rivaling the size of yours, he said he was glad he listened to me as it looks like we allocated the right amount of space. Hope you are having a good week! Hugs!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for being a faithful and encouraging friend! I am going to continue writing, just probably once a week. Unless this heat forces me back inside for long periods of time! The peony flowers are already gone as well as some of the irises! It took a couple of years for them to get established, so I'm really looking forward to next year's blooms! Probably by it's third year, your fig tree will be much larger and producing lots of figs! Thank you Lisa, hugs to you too!


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