Thursday, May 30, 2013

We had a fun time celebrating Memorial Day!

      There were hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on the grill, baked beans, deviled eggs, chips, and our favorite, HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! Oh yea, and a strawberry pie with strawberry pie filling I made last year. Talking about 'piggin out,' well, I don't eat like that everyday or I would be a pig! The girls were here and had a blast! They got in the pool for the first time and LOVED it! The water was a bit cool, but they didn't mind! Win didn't get out of the pool until 7! She spent the night and kept talking in her sleep, "Help me Randy, help!" It was so funny cause I know she was dreaming about the pool! The next day she took a two-hour nap! I couldn't believe it since she only takes an hour or less nap, usually. 

      I didn't get my hair hennaed yet, but hopefully that's the plan for tomorrow. Win will probably spend the night again, so maybe Saturday, I'll get to get in the pool! We just have to avoid the heat of the day since she is so fair complected. There's plenty to do inside anyway, with all these toys! We could go to Riverfest this weekend, but I don't like large crowds of people. Kenny Rogers is supposed to be there Saturday. I really liked him, back in the day! Friday night, Styx is performing! It's really a nice festival, but somewhat costly with only vendors of food during the day. The concerts are included in the ticket price, but you have to wait all day for the concert. One year, we went out on a pontoon and took it all in from the river that runs next to the festival. That was fun! But it was cold going back late at night, and scary in the dark! 

      It's funny how the celebrations seem to come in a row! Next week we celebrate Yasmine's birthday and my Mom's too! Yasmine's is the third, my Mom's the fifth. We will go to a pizza place for Yasmine's birthday, and Red Lobster for my Mom's. That's why I'm drinking so much green juice lately! It fills me up and is so good for me! Hopefully, I'll loose some weight, since we are eating more than usual. Or at least, I hope not to gain any weight! I'm trying to use self control! But if there's a bag of something crunchy and salty in my sight, look out! I'm on it! Therefore, I DON'T buy chips and such! Except this week, we have Nacho chips for the guys taco salad. I just eat the chips, that's healthier, right? 

      Well, my seedlings didn't make it. Not because of the weather or rain, no! I made some organic chicken feed for the chickens. Turned out, the geese liked it and kept the chickens from eating it. That would be all well and good, but the geese don't lay eggs! So, we put the geese in the garden. Their water pail was right next to where the seedlings were hardening off. Have you ever watched geese drink water? For some reason, they like to scoop up dirt in their mouth and go to the pail. When I looked at my seedlings the other day, they were all scattered, like something had dug into them! The water in the pail was full of the dirt, seedlings, and peat pots! The geese had scooped up the dirt, seedlings and all, and put them into the pail of water! I managed to save two seedlings! Thank goodness I got two nice sized tomato plants and one pepper plant at Whole Foods, this past weekend, for only $1.99 each! I wished I'd known they were going to sell those; I'd just saved my time and bought a bunch! I already sowed seeds in the beds, but it's too soon to know if they are going to make it! I still love gardening, in spite of setbacks! I hope your garden is coming along nicely! Ya'll have a good weekend! Oh, sorry I had to turn on the word verification! I was having constant spammers! Maybe I can turn it off soon. Blessings from Bama!

Two of my sweet babies!

Win and her Mom.

Getting ready to add on the super! That's where our honey will go. The neighbor's horses are curious.

Rubi on guard in the background.

Our bees are calm bees compared to some bees. I'm standing pretty close and they don't ever bother me!

Carefully placing the box on so as not to squish a bee.

Now all they have to do is fill it with honey!

Delicious baked beans!

Yasmine, Layla, and Amber.

Eden is looking over the side.

My Dad with his metal detector.

The girls love to hold Riley! 

My uncle scooping out some delicious ice cream!

The sun makes this photo white. Randy and all the girls!

The first daylily of the season about to open.

The clematis almost doesn't look real!

I was so excited to find this bloom yesterday and today it's turned brown!

Here's a bloom that will open tomorrow. You need to smell this thing! This is a magnolia tree, if you don't know. All Southerners should have one of these in their yard!

The Easter Lily is almost as tall as me! It will open soon.

Some more about to open.


  1. Sure sounds like you are having so much fun with your family! So many of my plants do not look well this year but always hope! Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy, we sure do! Yes, keep on hoping! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Where to begin!! You've got so much going on over there! First.... *sigh*.... Styxx... oooooo, I'd go just to see Styxx. With your warm (hot!) weather, you'll probably be fine direct sowing your seeds. You're ahead of me with your daylillies! AAAhhhh!!! :) Mine haven't opened yet, though we do have buds. Our Magnolias are blooming now and you are so right.... LOVE the smell! Particularly going out in the evening smelling the sweet air. Your clematis is gorgeous. Love that color. Mine is more of a burgundy/deep purple and is blooming like crazy this year. I aggressively cut it back @Feb. as last year it was pitiful. Must be what it needed because it's never bloomed like this before. Your family activities look and sound like such fun! We're gonna' do homemade ice cream for 4th of July. Can't beat that flavor, can you? Have a great weekend Bama Girl!!! Hugs to you.

    1. I know, but ALL THOSE PEOPLE! Maybe I can find a place across the river to listen! Thank you Lisa, for all the nice comments! You really need to make ice cream BEFORE the 4th. though! Lol! Hugs to you too!

  3. Your nieces are soo cute! It is so nice that you are able to spend so much time with them. I always wanted to have bees and honey. I wouldn't know where to begin. Salty treats - I'm the same. I vacuum those up. I saw a Magnolia tree in Delaware when we were on vacation a few years back. Beautiful! If I lived in the South I would have several. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Jacky! Thank you! That's why the hubs takes care of the bees! They're really not much trouble at all! Don't worry, we plan on planting more magnolias, maybe all down the driveway! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sounds like a lot of good times. I really don't do crowds myself. I get to thinking "what if this____ happened now with us all here" and I get claustraphobic. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love the pool too. I think I would like one. Need to get more exercise myself.
    Your honey bees do look really calm. That would be the type of honey bees I would need. Unfortunately, I don't think it is easy to choose a calm batch of bees.

    1. Hi Becky! Yes, for sure! Thank you! Just don't get some from a guy who has mean bees! But you're right, it's not always easy to tell! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. hi bamma girl
    it sounds that you have a wonderful time with your family.thanks for the wonderful photos!!
    have a nice week,
    love regina

    1. Hi Regina! Thank you! You're welcome! Come again!


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