Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Layla!

      Layla had a blast at her birthday party last Saturday! It wasn't a big party with lots of people, but she was happy the way things turned out! The cake ended up being store bought, I didn't make the citrus lemonade I wanted to make, and the banner didn't really go with the theme! But she didn't notice any of that! She loved the cake and orange Kool-aid and so did everyone else! We even had pizza that tasted good! Usually the place we get it from has O.K. tasting pizza, but this time it was great! 

      Little Layla went for her three-year-old check-up at the doctor and she has only gained one pound in a year! She is very small for her age, so they are sending her to an endocrinologist. There they will determine if anything is wrong. The doctor is also sending her to Children's in Birmingham because they detected a heart murmur. Please keep her in your prayers that all will turn out well! She is a very active little girl!

      I can't write this without mentioning the weather. I mean, it's August right? And the temp. this morning was: da-ta-da-da, 66 degrees! UNBELIEVABLE for us this time of year! I'm loving it! It has been overcast with a slight mist of rain almost all day, but I've been out in it! We usually don't see this until mid-October! Let's just say, I'm ready for Fall Ya'll!

      School starts in this area Monday! Winterlynn is starting a three-year-old program, so I'm making her a gift to take for her teacher. It is a candy dish with 3 flowers in it and will also have some candy. It will have a tag that says: If teachers were flowers, I'd pick you. If I can download them, I hope to print out some owl bookmarks, too. I guess it's the weather, cause I sure am in a crafty mood lately! I hope it lasts all year cause it's sure fun! What have ya'll been working on since the gardens are probably withering away? I can't wait to get back to gardening, but I'm giving the chiggers and bugs a chance to die off. Ya'll have a good weekend! Blessings from Bama!

I'm not too keen on doing their hair. Too high maintenance for me!

The birthday banner I made. 

Two of the party-goers!

I believe girls are 'hormonal' at any age! Do you recognize the look?

Layla evidently didn't want to be in Mommy's lap!

She loved the pool!

Yasmine has really gotten brave about jumping this summer!

Uncle Randy loves to aggravate!

But they love it!

Riley enjoyed the pool too, even though she's not smiling!

She just couldn't hold up any longer without a nap! All that partying and swimming!

Got to have that baby by her side!

I love capturing the moment when they fall asleep with food in their hand!

Riley said she'll wake up big sister!

This was such a huge egg! I thought it might have 3 yolks but it just had 2.

The flowers are a project for Win's teacher and the elephant is for her t-shirt. I will show it when finished.

Yep, you're reading it right!

I got this plant at the longest yard sale. It was pretty; then Rubi got a hold of it. Note: don't leave plants outside if you want them to survive!

How it looks outside today.

After I took this photo, I poured the glitter paint into the jar. It looks pretty good now, just waiting for it to dry.


  1. Cute party ideas and crafts I will be praying for her. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Bama Girl ! So sorry about Layla's trouble gaining weight...will be praying for your little one! That is so scary for Mom (& Auntie & Uncle)! Please keep us posted! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Layla. I hope whatever is wrong with her will be minor. Our one granddaughter is skinny as a rail and not gaining much either. You have a lot of adorable pictures! Wonderful family! And to think you have time for crafts too!!!!! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you! I guess we make time for what we love, when we can! Blessings!

  4. Oh it looks like a super fun birthday party. And it's been relatively cool here as well.


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