Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting down til September!

         But   I'm glad it's still August, and we are having fabulous weather! The temps out today are like Fall! It's hard for me to stay inside! Ran read where the Farmer's Almanac said we are supposed to have a very cold winter this year, so I guess Fall is closer than we thought! Sorry I didn't write a post last week, I had the girls for several days and was busy cooking and washing dishes. We also had a family reunion I prepared food for so that left no time for blogging!

      Layla went to the doctor today and he said that she was doing good and that she would grow out of the heart murmur! Yay! I really felt like that's what he would say! Thanks for your prayers for her!

      I've been working on  some more shirts for the girls. This time I had help from Randy! He's an artist, at least in my opinion, so he did the free hand on them. He drew the ears, mouth, and water drops. They turned out really cute! The picture doesn't really show the boo boos I made while appliqueing. That was my first time to applique. I learned a few things after reading a blog that I will apply next time. 
      I also have been spray painting some metal signs the hubs made for me out of sheet metal from the shop. I am transferring a photo now and will show the results in the next post. I picked some apples from my tree and am going to make an apple pie from them with a home-made crust! That will be my first home-made crust so I hope it turns out well! I would like to write another post this week, but we've got another camping trip coming up I've got to prepare for, so it may not get written! Ya'll have a nice week. Blessings from Bama!

I know I showed ya'll this in the last post, but I forgot to take a photo of it finished. We put the glitter glue inside the jar and let it dry. Then we added a tag with twine for the teacher. She loved it!

The butterflies are in abundance right now!

So are the Hummingbird moths.....

And the honey bees!

I love this picture of Yasmine! She waited all day to get in the pool! And boy was she happy!

Randy is teaching her how to swim.

Layla and Nanny eating leftover homemade ice cream!

Getting ready for night-night!

I had been sitting in the white chair when all of a sudden, the dogs came running and barking! I ran in to get the camera, and didn't notice until this photo that Yasmine was standing in the blue swing! Dangerous! But so was what they were barking at! And so close to where we were!

Another SNAKE! It looks like the same one we got out of the hen house!

I was so scared the snake was going to bite Jackie boo! But it got scared away again! I hope it goes into hibernation before I see it again! I just don't like killing snakes! I'll let Ran do that!

Yasmine was not happy cause she wanted that swing, not the other one just like it on the other end of the set!

Ruby got the top off of the dog water-er and made herself a halo! It was so funny watching her run around with this on her head!

These girls would swing all day then go swimming the rest of the day, if their bodies would hold up to it!

Sweet! Yasmine pushing Winterlynn!

Yasmine is so active! No wonder she's so skinny! You know Aunt FeFe gives her good food!

Riley is happy playing with Layla's birthday toy!

Story time! Winterlynn says,"Once a problem time!" LOL!

They ran and played up and down the driveway, all morning! And it's steep! No wonder they took over a two-hour nap!

We made a shirt for each of the three girls. They're initial will be in the middle of the elephant.


  1. I want to come to your house and play! (and I will kill that snake for you too, lol). You have some great dogs there too!
    I need to get more exercise like Yasmine!
    Love the shirt! You did a great job with that. I am not real good at applique.
    Have a wonderful time camping!

    1. Hi Becky! You can come here anytime! And kill any snakes you see, lol! We love our doggies! Thanks, I hope to improve as I go along! Thank you!

  2. I missed your blogging, figured you were busy. Those girls sure are cute! The shirt looks nice. I'm sure they will all be cute. We have had an excessive amount of snakes this year as well. They love our compost/manure pile. I wish they would eat more mice - we have more of them as well this year. Have a good time camping. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Jacky! You were right! Thanks! Yikes! Why don't they eat what they're supposed too? Thank you!

  3. Praise God for the good news about Layla! :) Thankfully the dogs were “on the job” about that snake! That was too close! I used to love standing on swings, too! The t-shirts turned out adorable! Great "shared" job! It was good to see the little one smiling! :) Your girls have soooooo much fun at Uncle Ran & Auntie Foo Foo’s! They are blessed…and so are you! :) You know what I especially love about your stories and pictures? The gentleness and kindness and love of you and your hubby! That is what I love! I can see it through out all! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Amen! The dogs really alert us when something is moving about on the property, even so much as a wasp crawling on the porch! Thank you Shirley, they are not quite finished. Awe, that is so sweet, Shirley! I'm glad you see that! Hugs to you too!

  4. You have lots of fun things for your little girls to play on. So nice! Glad to hear that Layla is going to be okay. I hope we don't have a cold winter but yesterday and today sure were hot and the electricity went off this afternoon until about 8p.m. tonight. Apple pie! Yummy! Glad that snake was not in our yard!!!! Nancy

    1. They love to be outside, in spite of the heat and bugs! Oh, and snakes too! Oh my, that's not good when the power goes out! I imagine it got pretty warm in the house! The temps have moved back up here and will be in the low-mid nineties the rest of the week! So much for fall temps! The pie is so good! I'm glad too, Nancy!


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