Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our September Camping Trip

      At Lake Guntersville State Park! We had an awesome time! It was just the two of us since Skylar doesn't like these 'boring' trips! We do ride the roads a lot, but there is such pretty scenery in all the places we travel! There was so much water everywhere we drove on this camping trip, and the foot hills in the backdrop were just gorgeous! The leaves haven't changed much. The dogwoods are beginning to turn, and a few maples, so it will be absolutely beautiful in a few weeks! We found a very nice place called Buck's Pocket State Park that we would love to go to when the leaves change! Hopefully the spots won't all be taken, as they are a first come campground. It's down in a valley, with a dry creek surrounding it. We had a lot of rain, and the creek was dry! We couldn't figure that out! The mountains around it are quite tall, so there were some beautiful look offs at the top. We'll probably go there instead of Ellijay GA apple festival. We've been to Ellijay quite a lot these past few years, and although it's a beautiful place, I want to go somewhere different. Guntersville was hit quite hard when the tornadoes came through in 2011. The campground where we stayed used to be so full of trees. We have been there before, that's how I know. But now, the place looks like a logging crew has been through and stripped out the trees! So sad! It's still pretty, and you can see the lake much better, but it was nicer before the tornadoes! One night this trip, we had very strong winds come through with hard rain and the camper was just rocking! Randy slept through it but I was ready to wake him if it got worse. Thank God it didn't! The downtown area was hit hard as there were a few trees down, and places without power. I can imagine what it much have been like in April 2011!

      We picked scuppernongs and got a basket of not ripe peaches while we were on our trip. I got the scuppernongs ready and extracted juice, which is now in in the refrigerator waiting for me to make jelly. I've also been peeling and cutting apples from our tree, YAY! I put them in bags and in the freezer for pies. I have a few left that I want to make cobblers with. The girls have been here since Thursday, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but it was nice to spend time with them.

      I'm still working on a few crafts as I have the time and I can't believe how swiftly Fall is approaching! I won't be able to get everything done that I wanted before then! There is just never enough time in a day! Oh well, just do what you can do! Ya'll have a great weekend and thanks for reading! Blessings from Bama!

Some letters I began last year for Yasmine. Do you do that, start something and not finish it for a long time?

I used a wood burning tool to cut them out of the foam board. I took these with me on the camping trip since I knew I would have some free time. I am covering them with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

Winterlynn is telling me how much she loves me! She has on the little shirt I made.

Downtown Scottsboro where they have first Monday! They have been having this for a hundred years!

Some vendors set up at first Monday. Oh yea, my Bama Man!

More vendors.

Art in the park at Scottsboro.

It was nice and shady here!

A pier at a place called Goose Pond Colony. Like I said, there's lots of water all around where we went!

A finished letter!

The view of our campground from the lodge above it. Where there are no trees is where the tornado took them out.

Another view from the lodge.

A close-up of the campground.

Our camper is down there in the trees. I love how the foothills meet the water!

The lodge needs to remove the Crepe Myrtle trees so the front entrance is more visible.

The campground at Buck's Pocket is down in those trees.

We wear hats around here!

Yasmine pushing Winn.

Layla has on her hat too!

Yasmine's hat is cute!

Yasmine is trying to whistle.

The scuppernong juice being extracted.

Apples being processed.

A few left for cobbler.

Randy and the girls! He likes babies!


  1. That camping spot looks beautiful and it is great that you can go camping so much and spend so much time with family. How do you get it all done!!! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, we really enjoy both! The seasons will be changing soon and camping will be out for a few months. That will give Randy time to do maintenance on the camper. I don't get it all done! Wished I could!

  2. I'm going to have to google scuppernong - is it a kitchen tool or a food? I know .. I'm not too bright. I was thinking it was one of those southern things... :) Glad you had a good time on your camping trip. I was looking at the landscape, how different the trees look down there - beautiful. We have the huge pines but you have peaches!! Your crafts are looking good! The letters are a big thing this year. I found a R about 5' that could light up in the back - kinda old - for my friend Renee - it was $20 at a flea. I've not had much success freezing apples - how do you do it? Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. i Jacky! Yes it is a Southern thing! That's funny! A kitchen tool! Ha Ha! It's a grape! Sorry I didn't get any photos of the before! Yes, your pines are breathtaking! We don't have such trees here! Our pines are kind of plain. Thanks I'm enjoying my crafting this year! That sounds neat, a 5' letter! I go by the Ball Blue Book for freezing apples or anything for that matter!

    2. A, it sounds like something off Willy Wonka. :)

  3. LOVE Guntersville! Oh your post brought back many fond memories of wonderful times at Lake Guntersville. I grew up in Huntsville, and my best friend's family owned a lakefront home on Lake Guntersville and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the times she and I spent there. It was beautiful and your photos show it still is. Your shirt is so cute!!! What are you going to do with the mod-podged letters? All your food processing sounds yummy and glad ya'll had such a great time together.

    1. Hi Lisa! Haven't heard from you in awhile! Glad you stopped by! I'm glad my photos brought back happy memories for you! Guntersville has changed a lot, especially since the tornadoes came through the State Park! Those letters, ugh! They are taking way too much time! I think I'll glue them onto a painted piece of cardboard and put a ribbon on it to hang on her wall! I'm not doing that project again! Thanks!

  4. Looks like a great place and I love all the views!

    1. Hi Becky! It was! Thanks! I would love for that to be in my backyard!


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