Friday, December 13, 2013

A German Chocolate Cake, Just for Me!

      It's time for a German Chocolate Cake! I haven't made one in several years, so I got the ingredients together, (thanks Mom!) and whipped one up. It is delicious! But just don't look at it! I sprayed the pans, instead of using grease and flour. Big mistake! I will not trust that again! The cake stuck so bad, it just crumbled! Glad I wasn't making it for someone else! Randy said it was the best tasting one I ever made!
At least it tastes good! My birthday is tomorrow so that's the reason for the cake. We've bought them from bakeries, but they just don't taste the same as homemade. I think it's the cooked icing. It's like a custard! I could eat it alone!

      I have been searching online for organic dried beans. I found a source, but they were expensive. We went to Publix, a grocery chain in the South. They carry lots of organic food and low and behold, they sell bulk organic food! Like beans, nuts, granola, etc., things I thought I could only find at Whole Foods! Publix is about thirty miles from here, but that's closer than Whole Foods! We are supposed to get a Publix in this area next year. I can hardly wait! I don't buy all organic food, but I am buying more than I did. I like to use organic beans to can. I put up twenty jars of organic black beans this week! We love a jar of black beans! We use them in soup, refried in burritoes, taco meat, etc. My next session will either be red beans or navy beans. Hopefully next week. I go by the directions on Canning beans is one of the easiest things to do if you prepare ahead of time! I enjoy the whole process!

       Winterlynn and Riley are here today and are being good! Riley is walking all over the place! I won't get to see Yasmine and Lulu until the twentieth. I miss them when they aren't here! They are getting excited about Christmas, telling me what they want. The innocence of children is so precious!

       I received the Baker's Seed catalog this week and I'm so excited! I can hardly wait to sow seeds and watch them germinate! I have so many seeds that I don't know if I'll order anything, but just looking at the pictures inspire me! Are you getting exited about gardening?

      The weather here has been a bit colder this week with highs in the fifties and lows in the twenties. I can still walk outside in the fifties, but below that, if the wind is blowing, forget it! I don't like walking on the treadmill, but I have to some times. Better than nothing! Christmas is almost upon us. Are you ready? I almost am! Enjoy the season and stay warm! Blessings from Bama!

I've got pancake mix going to the left for the next morning's breakfast, spaghetti and home ground pork for Italian sausage, on the right.

Yummy Italian sausage spaghetti sauce!

Dough made without the bread machine. I did use the Kitchen Aid though. The bread tasted rather blah. I like the bread machine recipe better!

Black beans soaking overnight for the next days canning session.

Canning session in progress.

Filling jars.

I needed an extra eye to boil water, so I got out the Max Burton. It worked, just took forever to come to a boil! I finally put a lid on it to speed things up. The Max Burton is better for smaller pots. I only use it when I have to.

A lot of time is spent waiting on the gauge to reach 10 lbs. of pressure.

I cook chicken on the grill every week for Skylar's lunch. He takes a grilled chicken salad with homemade Parmesan peppercorn dressing, a homemade cookie or brownie, and Kool-Aid! Is he spoiled or what?

Some of the homemade choc. chip cookies.

Don't forget to add vinegar to the canner when adding the water. It will prevent this white film.

The closest we've come to snow in a couple of years! Just a light frost!

Riley running around with big sister's cup!

Big sister is getting so 'grownie' looking!

It may look ridiculous, but it sure tastes good!

Helping Aunt 'FeFe' in the kitchen!


  1. Happy Early Birthday! I bet your cake was so good. Just a quick question-and don't laugh, but when you put the vinegar in the water to prevent the white film, does it make the house smell like vinegar?

    1. No, I don't think so! I use vinegar all the time to clean with, so I don't really smell it that much! Do you can beans? Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm not one to judge good by their looks - it's the taste that counts. Your cake doesn't look bad anyway. Yes, your son is blessed not spoiled to have a mom that cares enough for him to do what you do. I have never canned dry beans. Believe it or not, it is on my bucket list. I looked at some pinterest ideas for doing this - so thanks. Maybe on this - what I am sure will be - Long Winter in Wisconsin....try to can some. I love beans! I went for a walk the other day - it was 10 degrees - that was nice considering the day before was -8 or so with windchill of -20..... We want to start cross country skiiing - I bought 2 pairs at an auction this summer. Now we need the right size boots. No, I'm not ready for Christmas - we have the wedding on Jan. 1st too!!! I'm trying to stay calm - pray for me. Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Jacky! I couldn't even imagine going outside in 10 degree weather, much less walking in it! And now your going cross-country skiing? Does a body get used to frigid weather? I don't think mine could! My prayers are with you, Jacky! Blessings!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday to You!!!!! ...and spoil that young'un now, because they grow up way too soon! He's a blessed young man to have a mom prepare such goodies for his lunch. I think your cake looks yummy and am ALWAYS amazed and what all you've got cooking over there. Hope your birthday was special and wonderful. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I actually enjoy spoiling him, since he's my only one! We had a wonderful time celebrating my 53 birthday! Blessings!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! My husband's favorite cake is German Chocolate. Yours looks delicious. You sure do get a lot of things cooked and canned. Where do you get the energy! Yes, Skyler is spoiled! You have a wonderful family. I try to buy the items on the dirty dozen list but haven't manage to do it all yet! Merry Christmas! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you! It is delicious! I do things earlier in the day cause I start to slow down after 5:00, lol! Thank you! Yes, me too, but I don't always buy from the dirty dozen, even! Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, dear friend! I hope your day was as lovely as could be! I love the canning photos of your beans...would you ever be inclined to do a tutorial of canning black or pinto...all the way through? I do so much better with pics! Hope you are having fun! Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi CHeeryshirley! It was! Sorry, I just finished up my second canning session. This time it was chili beans! The only thing I had to go by when I learned to can beans was I still use them! You can do it Shirley, if you follow their instructions! Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!


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