Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some cooler weather this week!

      After experiencing 60 and 70 degrees over the weekend, we are at 47 today. That's quite a difference! Especially since it's quite breezy! I don't care for cold wind blowing at my face or body! I do like the sun shining on my back, however! The weather inside is beautiful! We have lots of windows that let in the sun and its warmth, which is good in winter; not so much in summer.
I'm thankful we have a table in such a room where I can have the laptop. As I sit, I can look outside and see the chickens on one side, and the goats on the other side. The sun is streaming in and the warmth of it is amazing! I send you sun to melt your snow, if you have it on the ground. That would be nice if I could!

      I'm finally seeing some changes in my body from exercising! Not a lot, mind you, but a little. Which is better than none! I would hate to know that I've done all this in vain! I am enjoying all the different things I'm trying. I actually over-did something this week and am suffering from a very sore shoulder. I was really trying to lift myself up doing the chin-ups. I also did Turkish get-ups the same day. The next day I did kettle-bell swings. I think the combination is what got my shoulder. I will have to re-evaluate my routine and see what changes I can make to avoid this, or any other injury. My knee also gets a little squeaky when I do  squats and other exercises that utilize the bending of my knee. I may just stick strictly to the re-bounder. The more I read about it, the more I realize that's really all I need to do! It's hard to believe that I don't actually need to work out with weights when using the re-bounder! I still would like to accomplish an unassisted pull-up, but not at the expense of my shoulder! I will keep you updated as to my routine changes. Another thing, I've cut down on my food intake. And I'm not hungry! I read where the re-bounder will decrease your appetite. Just bounce five minutes before a meal and the rise in blood sugar level will decrease your appetite! I did that unknowingly yesterday, then I read the book that came with the re-bounder and it happened again today! All I had for lunch yesterday was my green juice and I didn't eat much dinner later! I just wasn't hungry yesterday! Today I was aware of what I was doing and still I'm not very hungry. I had my juice and a small piece of bread. I'm satisfied as of this writing. I hope this continues! I seem to be doing my workout about lunch time, so hopefully it will.

      I'm thinking about making some changes in the garden. The strawberries are very thin this year, so I'm going to pull them out and put in a couple of blueberry bushes. The mice, or some kind of rodent, always beat me to them. We're hoping to put up goat fencing down the hill opposite from the girls. That will leave their yard vacant. I don't have enough raised beds to plant everything I want, so I'm going to let Randy till that spot and make a traditional garden there. I hope to plant beans, squash, watermelons, etc. there. I will keep you updated as to our projects. 

      I hope ya'll are staying warm and keeping your chin up! Winter is almost over! Spring will be here soon! I hope that for you, especially if you're in the 'vortex'! Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

The weather was so nice the girls enjoyed swinging!

Little sister copying big sister.

I love daffodils!

Red tips blooming!

The greenhouse up and anchored down! I can hardly wait to put plants in it!

We have so much wind, there's no sense in setting it up right now.

Future garden spot?

Hand-held quiches!

Yummy picnic bread!


  1. Hi from Vortex. I love the greenhouse. I so want something like that. I like the little quiches. I did some working out this week - on the Gazelle. We bought it for Christmas. Keep up the good work - good thing to mix up the work out - I noticed my knees get creaky too.

    1. Hi back at ya, Vortex! And warm thoughts as well! I just hope when I put plants in the greenhouse, they won't freeze at night! Guess I need to read up on that. Sounds like you are getting a good workout, too! I don't like creaky knees! Blessings!

  2. Love your greenhouse too!!! ...and your little quiches and the picnic bread looks yummy! I like, no love, daffodils. Our weather has been just like yours - a roller coaster with wild extreme temps one way or the other!! Keep up the good work with your exercising and healthy eating!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It will be another learning experience for us! I have to watch how much of the bread I consume, or I'll be working out a lot more! The weather will probably be a roller coaster for awhile, still. Thanks, you too! Blessings!

  3. Hi! Thought I had already commented on this but where it is I have no idea! The wonders of the internet! LOL Still cold here and we are to get more snow. The hand held quiches sure look yummy! You are doing much better at faithful exercise than I am! Nancy

    1. Weird how our comments get lost sometimes! So sorry about more snow! The sun is shining and it 's 62 yay! Thank you, I really enjoy exercising! Blessings!


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