Thursday, March 6, 2014

Temperamental "March"!

      The temps have been warm one day, cool the next! I sure am glad I got out yesterday when the sun was shining and the temps were in the upper fifties! It was a beautiful day! Today, not so much. We have rain and a very cool forty degrees. I've been watching the temp fall all afternoon, from forty-three down to forty. I thought the days were supposed to warm up instead of cool down! At least it's not snow and ice! Hopefully this weekend we'll see some warmer temps! We may have some new faces around here so I want them to be able to enjoy a golf-cart ride. Of course there will be photos if they visit.

      I had Winn and Riley, Friday and Saturday; Yasmine and Layla, Winn and Riley Monday; and they all spent the night Monday night except for Riley. My house needs a good cleaning! But wait, they will be back Friday and Saturday, so why bother, right? Might as well clean since I can't go outside! Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully by this time next month, we'll see significant changes in the weather. Definitely in the time of day, since we move the clocks up one hour this weekend! 

      Have you heard baby birds yet? I've been hearing them for a couple of weeks, and just found the nest. It's under the eave of the house that hasn't been closed in yet. We still lack a lot in finishing this house. I think the babies are mockingbirds but I'm not sure since I haven't watched to see who the Momma is. We also are watching a pair of bluebirds claiming a nest on the front porch on top of a column. They are probably the ones that were there last year. I love to hear their song when they are here. I'm also enjoying watching the leaves begin to come out on the trees. They are a pretty reddish-brown. Like the photo I shared last week. There's just more coming out now. The hens are laying a little better, on some days. I guess it's better this way since I don't want to get over-run with eggs! If so, I will put a sign at the road, lol!

      I sure hope the weather warms soon where you live! I feel sorry for all of ya'll up North who are still experiencing Vortex! Makes you want to come to Alabama, huh? If you do, I'm sure the weather will feel much warmer to you than it does to me! Don't even ask me to come where it's colder! My body would go into shock!

      I made a delicious recipe last night. It's called: "Cheesy Pesto and Chicken pasta Bake in 30 Minutes." You should have heard Randy talk about it! And Skylar too! They couldn't believe how good it tastes. It's from Never heard of this site before, but I sure am glad I found it. The dish is a perfect comfort food, especially in cold weather. My guys would eat it in hot summer! I'm going to make some Texas roadhouse rolls to go with it tonight, since I ran out of time last night. Just Google that. I tweaked the recipe since I don't care for pesto and it still was delicious. I don't know how many WW points it has so you can figure that for yourself. I just eat a generous portion, not too much. I hope to burn more calories soon!

      Ya'll stay warm and dream about Spring! Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Gitty-up horsey!

I love this photo of Ran! So clear!

Look at snaggle-tooth! For some reason they love to take off their shirts! Randy has them tied in a 'trap'!

I love the center of these daffodils!

These are still blooming!

I used radiatore pasta. I left it under the broiler too long, so I pulled off some of the blacker cheese. It was good!


  1. Looks like Spring's trying her hardest your way too! Same type of weather here too. I picked up radiatore pasta for the first time last week and made stove top macc & cheese with it, and it was a fun pasta for a change. Funny how pasta tastes a little different depending on its 'shape'. Have a great weekend Felecia! Sounds like you'll be busy!

    1. Glad ya'll aren't getting cold weather and snow there! Yes, I agree. Different shapes of pastas taste different! Thanks! You too! Blessings!

  2. Hi Bama Girl! Oh how those girls love Uncle Ran and Auntie Felicia! You are helping to shape little lives forever! Well done!

    Love the daffodil pictures! Color! mmmmmm! Hope all is well!

    Love you tons! Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheeryshirley! Thanks! I sure hope so! Oh I love daffodils! Love you too! Blessings!

  3. You sure do stay busy! I love to hear the birds sing and can't wait for that time of year again! Sad to say we are suppose to get more snow this week. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! I love to stay busy! Makes me feel like I've accomplished something whether I have or not! I'm really enjoying the sound of birds and watching them build nests! It's turning cooler here tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully it will get warmer for the weekend. So sorry ya'll are getting more snow! I wouldn't know what to do during all those days of cold weather! Hope it warms you way soon! Blessings!


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