Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hey Ya'll! Happy May Day!

      That goes to every day in May! I hope ya'll have been enjoying this beautiful day! It's been quite cool here this time of year! Mid-upper sixties, when the other day it was in the eighties! 'Blackberry winter' as they call it around here. The blackberries are indeed blooming and I hope to get enough to make some more delicious blackberry jelly this year! If you've never tried blackberry jelly, you are missing out! 

      I just came in from weeding in the garden. It's amazing how quickly the weeds grow! They actually outgrow the vegetables! I'm having a problem with my squash seeds. I've planted it twice from different packs of seeds. It just won't germinate! The zucchini either. I guess I'll have to get some more seeds. I just bought those last year, I think. I'll start dating the packages so I'll know for sure. Are your vegetables coming up? The okra and beans are coming up, but I had to re-plant the purple hull peas. I bought a new pack so they should germinate. What's growing in your garden?

      Since it's May, I have so many irises and roses blooming! They are so pretty! The photos do not do them justice, but I have quite a few to share with you! Oh, do ya'll watch Duck Dynasty? Skylar bought all the series and we are on season 2. I love it! Si is the funniest man! Booyah! Now I know where that phrase came from! If you are not a Southerner, you may be unfamiliar with some of their phrases. We sound just like them. I wasn't sure what people in Louisiana sounded like. I've heard people from New Orleans speak and they didn't sound like that. Like Jesse Duplantis speaks Cajun. Love that man! Well, ya'll have a good weekend! Blessings from Bama!

The wisteria is still blooming! It is so fragrant!

Love these color combinations!

Peonies are about to open!

These are pretty too!

I love these white irises!

The clematis is so heavy it pushed the trellis over!

Love the frilly little petals!

The Japanese maple sure is pretty!

Love this!

What about these colors!

These are lovely too!

Randy put a pole behind the trellis to give it support. What you can't see is a tiny bird nest at the top with a tiny blue egg in it.

I wished the camera could capture the real color! And the fragrance is intoxicating!

Such a pretty color!

Yummy banana nut bread!

The beds have been planted with tomato plants.

More tomato plants. Some of the green outside the beds are poison ivy. Yikes!

I've been harvesting mustard leaves to go in my green juice this week!

Strawberry plants are looking good! But what is that mound of dirt? An insect? They always have these.

Freshly hoed beans and cucumbers. I ran out of cardboard, so I get to use my muscles!

Absolutely gorgeous!

So pretty!

Nice view! The tree stump to the left, Randy moved all the logs last week! I helped and boy was it a job!

Oh, sweet!

Peonies opening!

The petals have dropped over but I love the colors!

Blue iris? In reality it's purple! Beautiful!


  1. Your irises are always so GORGEOUS!!! You have so many different varieties it must be a real treat to enjoy them as you walk about your home. Sounds like your gardening season has begun too. I am having a little trouble with seeds germinating too, but think it is due more to our wonky weather as some of those seeds need really hot days (soil) and the temperature fluctuations are enough to hold them back? That's what I'm wondering over here anyway. Then I planted a bed of lettuce and dill and n-o-t-h-i-n-g came up..... yet I found lettuce and dill growing around the fig tree, which is just underneath a bluebird house! I guess the birds enjoyed my seeds!!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you! They are stunning! The photos just don't give them justice! Oh, that's too funny! I wonder if I'll find squash and zucchini growing under our bluebird house? Blessings!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing all of your beautiful flower pictures. It has rained and snow showers all week. If the sun comes out - it will really green up. I have daffodils and other Spring bulbs up. The iris and tiger lilly leaves are up about 5". I did "clean" out my garden and cut down some old unproductive raspberry plants, but it has been too wet to try and rototill or plant anything. Usually if I have my garden started and going my Memorial Day - that is a good up here. Our growing season is short. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Jacky! Thank you! Maybe the coming week will be warmer and drier! I hope you get the garden in by Memorial Day! Blessings!

  3. Your irises are lovely! I need to get some more myself. I used to have them here in the front garden but they have slowly died out. Your vegetables are looking good too. Something is eating all our strawberries in the garden beds at work. I am not sure what it is yet.

    1. Thanks Becky! They really like sun! Thanks! Could be a squirrel. I've caught one in my strawberry bed on more than one occasion! Blessings!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful and remind me of growing up on my parents' farm. We had several huge wisteria bushes/trees. I loved seeing them bloom in the summer!

  5. Wow, your flowers are beautiful!! Isn't spring time the best season? I am a little jealous of your strawberries, I can never get them to grow in my climate!

    1. Hi Elle! Yes it is! They are doing well this year! Blessings!

  6. Oh, my! I do love all the beautiful iris that you have!! You have so much more color than I do and I wish iris bloomed longer! You have a Happy Mother's Day! I am sure your family will make it nice for you! Nancy

    1. Oh, thank you Nancy! I wished they bloomed longer too! You have a Happy Mother's Day too! Blessings!


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