Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day, Flowers, and Gardening!

      Was it the best Mother's Day you ever had? It was quite the weekend for us! In fact, it was quite a week last week! Sorry I didn't get to write a post, but ya'll know how it is with these warm temps and gardening! My days are filled with housework; divided by cooking and gardening=no time left for much else! But I sure do love this busy season! I can hardly wait for the wonderful veggies to be harvested! Just this morning, I planted sweet corn. It takes 80 days to produce, but will be worth the wait! We have pretty much gone from Spring to Summer and very muggy weather! I don't know about ya'll, but I prefer this much better over cold weather and winds!

      The girls were here this weekend and one had a little accident. I didn't get the accident on film, but she is O.K. Randy always rides them in the golf cart. This time he attached the riding toys to it and pulled them around the yard. They loved it so much! Winterlynn and her wildness got a little carried away with the steering; getting cattywonkers with it, and turned herself over! Right on the pavement! Talk about road rash! Wow! Her poor lips looked like someone gave her a wallop! It just couldn't have happened on the grass! Too bad it didn't; she might not be all skinned up! I think she won't do that again!

      Our bee mentor Guy, came and separated our hive. I have never seen so MANY BEES! I was so into what he was doing, I didn't pay much attention to the ones swarming around me. He was running out of smoke and the bees got really upset with their hive being opened up like that! All of a sudden, kamikazes were after me! I tried to get them off, but one got me anyway! It HURT SO BAD! My first sting of all the years we've had bees! They didn't stop there! They chased me all around the garden, making me trip over the raised bed and hurt my ankle! I had to run inside; and they were at the door, hitting the glass! An hour or two later, Randy got home from work and went outside. They got on him! He too had to come inside! They waited on us at the door but we didn't go out again until the next morning. They were O.K. by then, as if nothing had ever happened. If you ever deal with bees, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF SMOKE! I don't like getting stung! 

      I hope that is the end of getting hurt on our homestead! But one must always be careful! Now we have to watch for snakes! I think they get my eggs sometimes! I'm thankful for my exciting farm life! Thanks for stopping by and reading! Leave a comment if you wish! Have a great week! Blessings from Bama!

I love everything about this peony!

Black iris.

Chocolate swirl bundt cake with thick chocolate glaze! I ate more of this than I should.

Guy with the frames.

The bees are coming out to see what's going on.

He's scraping off the excess wax so the frames will fit in there better.

I was standing where he is in front of the greenhouse when I got stung. This photo was after.

Very agitated bees!

Riley is starting to loose her baby look.

She's trying to turn on the t.v. while the others get piled on the mini tramp.

Randy has them strapped in with a seat belt.

A lovely, fragrant rose.

White peony.

Candy striped amaryllis

The clematis almost looks fake!

I love these fragrant cabbage roses!

Turning around at the road.

They love this!

They're having so much fun!

Winterlynn insisted on going to swing right after her accident. See her bloody nose and lip?

Poor baby!

She looks better in this photo.

Lovely New Dawn rose.

This miniature rose has climbed all on the fence!

The bees are much calmer now. I'm wondering about the nuc. I haven't seen much activity from it. I will let you know if it makes it.

The tomato plants are growing.

As well as the pepper plants and eggplants.

The three rows of beans look good.

Cucumber plants

Potato plants. I dug this up while digging the potato trenches. Someone used this property for a dump, I believe.

My soon to be graduate!

Skylar gave me this for Mother's Day! It's my new favorite cookbook!


  1. Yikes those crazy bees and then to twist your ankle and Winterlynn's lips oh my. The flowers all look so nice. Your garden is growing nicely. I look forward to hearing about Skylar's graduation. Blessings

    1. Hi Jacky! Yes, it was quite a week! So glad it's over! But, yesterday, someone ran into the back of Randy's van while he was waiting on a red light! Wasn't bad; but the doors and bumper have to be replaced or repaired! He's a little sore, but fine. Thanks, you will! Blessings!

  2. Hi Bama Girl! Yikes! I have been in the midst of "mad bees" and also when they are swarming...I usually vacate the premises! It is hard to do a slow motion run! Oh! Poor little Winterlyn! That must have smarted! Brave girl...getting right back to it!
    At Randy's accident, was the person who ran into him appropriate with attitude and giving ins. info, etc? I've seen accidents where the "rammer" tries to blame the innocent one just for being there! That is a little scary! Hope your week is a great one! Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheery Shirley! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! Yikes! You know what it's like then! She is brave; and determined!
      The 'rammer' got out of the car cursing, saying it's O.K. that they didn't have to call the police and report it. He said he would pay for the damages, but Randy wouldn't agree. The estimates say that there is $2,500 worth of damage! I doubt the guy could fork over that kind of money! The insurance is involved now and will take care of it. I'm so glad Randy wasn't hurt! Thanks Shirley, You too!

    2. I am so glad Randy wasn't hurt, too! However, I was rear-ended and I now have serious and permanent back/spinal damage...maybe he should not be too hasty to sign-off? It takes a bit of time to show its true colors! Ugh! Hope he truly is alright!
      Yes, I did have a lovely Mother's Day! Very sweet with just Glen & I for most of the day. The kids did call and later in the evening, our very sweet neighbors came over with an African Violet and visits and hugs! It was GREAT! Glen purchased a Little House on the Prairie books set (9), and a mobile washer. I am so excited to see if we can use the washer, but have to wait until we can check out a decent, affordable wringer! Great presents, eh? Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    3. Oh I didn't know that about you, Shirley! I'm so sorry! Yes, you're right. It's in the hands of the insurance company, so if there is a problem, they will take care of it.
      Oh that's sweet! What a nice gift! Are you going to read them to him? We do that sometimes.
      Are you off-grid? Just wondering why you would need a mobile washer and wringer. Hugs to you too!

  3. Ouch! Bee stings are no fun! How is your ankle now? Poor little Winterlynn. You have so many fun toys in your yard for the little ones. I wish I had some fun things in my yard for mine. Of course you do have a larger yard too. Enjoy! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! No they are NOT! They love to ride the toys and golf cart! I'm thankful for such a big yard! At least you don't have to spend a lot of time mowing! Blessings!

    2. Oh and my ankle is much better! I have problems when I do long hours of standing though. And I haven't been on my mini-tramp in awhile. I hope to get back to jumping soon.

  4. Cute little kids enjoying their day! Feel happy when we see the happy face of the kids.
    Beautiful flowers! I am so afraid of the bees stings. it will pain a lot.

    1. Hello! Thank you! Yes, bee stings are painful! Blessings!

  5. I now have Peony and Rose envy! Just beautiful!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks! They're not hard to grow if you have the right climate! Blessings!

  6. Your flowers are always so gorgeous! And your garden is way ahead of ours! I'm needing to re-plant most of our seeds as not much is coming up. This crazy weather I'm sure, isn't helping - to go from winter to summer to winter to summer..... :) Hope your ankle is better and things are moving in the right direction for your husband's truck and Congratulations to your graduate! Have a great week!

    1. HI Lisa! Thank you! So far the garden is doing well. There is something eating holes in the leaves of my beans. Yes, our weather has done the same! It is; now my hip is hurting from all the digging I did yesterday! Pains of farming! The van was taken care of yesterday! Thank you! He's a working boy now! You too, blessings!


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