Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sweet (HOT) Summertime!

      It has been a typical week in the South, weatherwise, with hot, muggy temps! We are actually getting a little rain, as I type this. It is so welcome as we have had a very dry August! My pepper plants are drooping as if they will fall over any second! I harvested the peppers from them today in hopes that they won't! The bean plants are turning yellow and unless this rain helps, there may not be any more green beans. Same with the cucumbers and squash. I didn't know I'd still be harvesting from these vines this late in the Summer! Pleasant surprise! Are ya'll still harvesting beans, squash, and cucumbers?

      I think the pumpkin vine finally has a pumpkin on it. I hope it will grow to maturity before a frost! Surely so, since our first predicted frost isn't until November 11! I can't see the melon vines, as the grass has grown so tall around them! I don't want to venture into that tall grass and get chiggers again! I think my chiggers have finally died off! But the poison ivy is another story! I didn't know I could get poison ivy from handling my goats! I touch them before I realize it and then I suffer from extreme itching! It' so hard not to pet the precious little darlings! They always jump on my legs like they're trying to climb up them! I hope to find buyers for them soon! I hate to see them go, but they will not be of use here as their purpose is for breeding. I would not breed them back to their Moms! If they were for meat, that would be different, I guess.

      It was so nice to see the girls home from Morocco! We got to spend a few days with them before they went home to Birmingham. They had to get started in school. I hope to see them again soon. Winterlynn and Riley came too. We got to spend a few days with Winterlynn when her Mom had a virus. She is such a sweet girl! They're all sweet! Never a dull moment when they are all here! They will be sad not to get in the big swimming pool again! We had a mole poke a hole in the bottom of the liner we had just purchased last Spring! I don't know if we'll patch the hole or sell the swimming pool! I'll let you know next time. They enjoy the little pool almost as much.

      I hope ya'll are having an enjoyable Summer! I have enjoyed all the harvests from my garden, and others! I'm also looking forward to next week when I get another box of peaches from Chilton county! They are the best! Thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings from Bama!

A bat was in the top of the umbrella when we opened it!

Don't tell Uncle Randy she's sitting on his mower!

Lulu wants to drive the golf-cart!

The 'Princess' opening her presents! She's such a Momma's girl!

After a long day of play!

Having fun in the pool!

Such a pretty thing!

Got to get over!

I'm glad she was brave enough to get on the float!

They got still long enough so I could get this shot.

I can't look at you Aunt FeFe cause the sun's in my eyes! They found a turtle on the side of the road and had to bring it to me.

I can never get them to look at the same time!

Winterlynn likes my green juice!

Can you believe these potatoes were harvested from our garden? And this is just from one hole!

The angel trumpet looking so pretty!

Me, my Mom, and sister having a girls day!

My last batch of sauce until fall.

Harvested today.

I've been harvesting figs quite often. When my bag in the freezer gets full, I'll make some jam. I'm hoping to make chipotle from the jalapenos. Those are two of six pears on my pear tree. I just picked apples from our tree I'm going to make into a cobbler.

From our garden.

Chicken cooked in the sun oven.

Freshly picked from the garden.


  1. Hi Bama Girl! You cut your hair! It looks wonderful on you! So sad about the mole vs the swimming pool liner! Your family has so much fun!
    Yep! You CAN get poison ivy from animals fur! Yikes!
    Do you ever water by hose (bell peppers)? I've ONLY watered by hose and have never, ever been able to depend on rain for watering! The down-side of living on the West Coast, I guess! Even in Idaho (where we now live), we do not get more than 11 inches of rain a year! When we lived in Paradise, California, we regularly got 63"/year and occasionally, 100", yet, we ALWAYS had to water our gardens by hose! Do you get daily/weekly rain there?
    The kids look great! They love it as Auntie & Uncle's house, don't they?
    Got to run this Friday morning! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheeryshirley! Thank you! He's thinking about patching it and hopefully filling in the mole tunnels. We'll see if this helps!
      Yes, but we've gotten rain just when I thought I'd have to use the hose. Evidently where those peppers are, the tree prevents the rain from getting to them. They are also way at the end of the garden where the hose barely reaches. I picked plenty of peppers from them and there are still green ones on them. More rain is predicted for Sunday, but if I can bare the heat today, I may turn on the hose. It's really muggy and the sun is sooo hot! Sometimes we get weekly rain; sometimes every few weeks. You never know about it here, but with all this green, we must get plenty! No wonder they call it Paradise! I bet that place is beautiful!
      Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. I live up north and the last of July and August have been so cool and rainy that the tomatoes are still green and slow to grow. I NEED A BLT! made with fresh tomatoes.

    1. Oh my! I have eaten my share of tomato sandwiches lately, sans the bacon. I couldn't wait for the bacon to fry! Love me a mater sandwich! Blessings!

  3. You sure have a lot to keep you busy! It has been hot and humid here too but we have had lots of rain. I am getting just a few cukes but they are short and fat, three zucchinis growing. Hope they develop okay and I have picked beans twice from this last patch and more yet to pick plus yellow and sungold tomatoes. Thankful for everything we harvest. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes we do! Oh that's good you've had lots of rain! Sounds like the harvest is coming in! Blessings!

  4. Entirely too hot here too! 97 yesterday. My garden consists of some potted peppers and tomatoes this year. Just can't get into gardening when the weeds take over the real garden so fast and it really doesn't get enough sun now that the trees have grown. I will wait until we move out of here to continue really gardening I guess. How I wish we had a pool, even a small one but we don't have a level spot in this yard either, sigh. The girls all look so happy! Yesterday was my grandsons 5th birthday. I got his mom to videotape him opening our presents and his other presents. It is so nice. Like we were right there with him. :)

    1. HI Becky! Oh wow! That's hot! It's been that hot here too! And humid! I understand too well about the weeds! That's why I always get chiggers! Just when I think I have gotten rid of them, a new patch arrives! Those weeds are getting mowed this week! I hope! You might be able to grow shade tolerant things. I would check into that. A pool is a good thing for the most part; just a lot of maintenance on one this size. The girls had a blast here! Oh, that's good you got to see him even if you had to watch him on video! I would do the same if I couldn't see the girls. Blessings!


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