Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Still Sweltering in September!

      But hopefully by the end of the week, things will begin to cool off a bit! I am absolutely soaked as I sit here after my walk! The green juice I'm drinking sure is refreshing on a day like this! Is it still hot where you are or has the temp cooled down? I hope you are comfortable, wherever you may live!

      As the days are beginning to shorten, I seem to have less time to get things done outside. I guess it's because I have to wait until evening to do any digging because of the heat. I dug a few potatoes last night and it was still so hot! I don't know if potatoes are worth growing here. I will have to talk to Randy about that for next year. It's usually hot when I have to dig the trench to plant them, and hot when we harvest them. They did seem to do well where they were planted, but if I rotate the garden, the rest of the dirt is not soft like that. I may choose to plant something else, like more okra. Ours didn't make this year because of the cooler first half of the Summer. Okra likes long, hot days. It does well with less water. It is usually the easiest crop to grow. I wonder if next Summer will be like this?

      I am so looking forward to Fall and cooler weather! I never thought I'd say that because of the long, cold winter we, and everyone else had. I don't want it to be like that again, but sources say it will be; and maybe even worse! I sure hope not! The Polar Vortex was more than lots of people could handle! I don't know if we can take another one here in the South! But as I was saying about Fall, I am getting in the crafty mood again. I am so glad! Crafting makes me about as happy as gardening! I just need to take time to craft all year! I take time to cook and garden; what's one more thing? I think I was getting out of balance with some things. I'm so glad when God gets me back on track! Life is so much more joyful when we trust and follow Him! 

      We went on a camping trip Labor Day weekend. It just happened to be the day after I made the peach freezer jam. I had my hands in those delicious peaches all day, so I ate peaches all day. Stomachs don't set well when fed too many peaches. You'd think a grown woman would know this! I suffered the whole camping trip with a bloated stomach and much discomfort! I still managed to enjoy most of the trip, in spite of that! I learned an important lesson: Don't eat too many peaches while making jam! We got back Monday in time to host the family cook-out. I was so glad to see my girls! They are growing so much! They are coming again this weekend and I can hardly wait! The weather will be a little cooler so we can spend time outside, hopefully without getting eaten by mosquitoes and see-me-nots, and chiggers! Chiggers will always be a problem, but if we wear the right clothes and shoes, we will have less chance of getting them.

      I made some delicious crackers today to go with a homemade chicken chowder I made last night. The chowder was made with corn I froze this Summer and potatoes from our garden. So it was semi-home grown! The chicken was left-over smoked chicken from the night before. The chowder is really good! I kind of went by a recipe, but mostly added what we like. I hope the crackers will compliment it. If Skylar likes it, I'm O.K.! He's quite picky about food. I guess I've spoiled him that way. Like the biscuits I make are more hard than fluffy. They're still better than store bought though.

      When the temps cool down, I hope to get back to writing more. Hopefully, soon! Ya'll take care and have a good day! Blessings from Bama!

The making of peach jam.

Relaxing at the campground.

It rained a lot while we were camping so we had to caddywonker the awning.

Relaxing with my honey.

A fawn lying just out from the camper.

The deer were so tame.

The campground where we stayed.

Five of my favorite people!

A typical Southern breakfast with grits and homegrown fried egg! 

My little poser!

The bat looks like he's going to take a bite out of something!

The beginning of a wreath.

Two rows of potatoes, one more row to go.

Can ya'll believe I used this by myself?

Yummy cracker dough!

I was inspired to make these after eating some at a Guntersville restaurant.

They are not even, but for my first time, they turned out pretty good. They are going to be candy corns.



  1. You and Randy both look so good under your - how did you say that? - caddywonker awning. That must be a southern saying. Those crackers look really good. Did Skylar like them? If so, post the recipe. What was that bat doing - yikes. Show us your crafts when you are done! How is the school going for the girls? Enjoy your weekend with them. It is actually cold here tonight. Fall is sneaking up on me....Lord help me if we have another Polar Vortex - I'm a tough "dicky bird" but that was unbearable!

    1. Hi Jacky! Hahaha! I actually got the word 'caddywonker' from a Geico commercial! It could be a Southern saying since you haven't heard it before! Thank you!
      The crackers are a bit 'crunchy' and Skylar hasn't eaten them yet. Randy and my Mom likes them and of course I do! I may have to post that recipe soon!
      The bat has made it's home under the patio umbrella and I caught him just as he opened his wings to fly away. He didn't like my presence there.
      Oh don't worry! I'll be so happy to finish these crafts and show ya'll photos of them!
      The girls are doing good in school! Layla really likes it! We were concerned she wouldn't like be separated from Mom all day! They don't get out until 3:30!
      Cold? I can only hope for 'cooler'! I sure hope ya'll don't get the Vortex again Jacky! It was unbelievable reading how cold it got there! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. After reading Dicky Bird's comment, I laughed because I had known immediately what 'caddywonker' was - so maybe it is a Southern saying?! Lake Guntersville!!! One of my all-time favorite places from childhood memories. Spent many summer days out on that lake. It is so beautiful and peaceful out there. There is a children's home in Guntersville, Ogden House, that I will be making a 2nd quilt to send there @ Christmastime. One of the reasons I enjoy participating in that ministry, is that in some small way feel it connects me back to my 'home'. Methinks, Felecia, that you are a very smart, intelligent and capable woman, and it does not surprise me one bit that you used that saw to cut your blocks! They will make fine candy corns! You and your husband look so happy and relaxed! And your crackers look delicious! Yes, share the recipe when you can! Enjoy the rest of the week! P.S. It's hot here too...

    1. Hi Lisa! I like to use that word! I think I may have heard of the children's home, but had forgotten about it. Lake Guntersville is beautiful! I wished I had felt better so I could have enjoyed it more! But it did rain a lot, so no outings on the lake for us! Besides, we didn't take our boat! It was nice to just sit and relax, though.
      Oh Lisa! How wonderful of you to make quilts for the children's home! What a wonderful way to connect to 'home'!
      Lisa, I don't deserve all of those nice comments! I was so scared to use a power tool! Now I'm going to use a sander! Next, a scroll saw! Hahaha! Working with wood is something I NEVER thought I'd do! But I am really enjoying it!
      We really enjoyed that trip!
      I am seriously going to post the recipe soon!
      Thank you Lisa! Stay cool! Blessings!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! I've missed your posts and was worried that the heat had gotten to you! I LOVE your picture-stories! I've never seen a bat that big! Are you going to let him set up camp under your umbrella? He looks interesting and in a way beautiful! The pictures of you and your family are always so wonderful! Especially like the ones of you and your dear hubby! Lookin' Good! Glad you have the girls over! Such fun!
    You are one busy homesteader! I love all you do...and you're not afraid to try your hand at anything new!
    I laughed out loud at your mention of the "see-me-nots"! What are they??? I guess you can't describe them if you cannot even see them! Haha! But, wait! Do they bite? Yikes!
    Your candy corn models are going to be great! You know, there is something wonderful about wood-working...kinda soothing, creative and peaceful. You build something rough into something smooth and shaped. I really have enjoyed my little forays into wood-working! Then, the excitement and satisfaction looking and using what you have created! Also, we are somewhat following the steps/experiences of the Master Carpenter! Very nice!
    I, also, would very much like your cracker recipe! Yummo!
    Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheeryshirley! So nice of you to stop by! Yes, the bat has taken residence under the umbrella! He's really very small, about the size of your palm. That is, until he spreads his wings! It was so interesting to see him creep up the inside of the umbrella! Then he spread his wings and flew out before I knew what was happening! I'm glad he's there because he eats mosquitoes! And maybe see-me-nots. They do sting or bite. I posted a photo of the side of my face once that had been bitten/stung by the see-me-nots. They are almost invisible, thus the name, and leave small bumps on the skin.
      I'm glad you enjoy the photos, Shirley! They bring our lives, to life! Thank you! We enjoy each other more as each year passes! Corny, but true!
      I LOVE to try new things! I never, ever, thought I'd do wood working projects! I think I've found a new hobby! It is so rewarding and satisfying! I hadn't even thought about Jesus being the Master Carpenter, until you mentioned it! Wow! I truly am following Him!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments Shirley! I appreciate you taking the time to read and post! The recipe will be here tomorrow, hopefully! Blessings!


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