Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How can I put in words

      What I have seen and heard since last Wednesday? Unbelievable, destructive, deadly, amazing, powerful.... there is no end to describe it. I know that in the midst of it all, God is sustaining people and giving them hope for their future. For many, their future may be a place to lay down and rest for the night. Others may be fortunate enough to have family members or friends to stay with. I pray for all those who've lost their homes and/or loved ones that they might find peace and direction for their lives. I pray that many will be turned to You Father, instead of turning away from You and blaming You for this destruction.
       My home and my family was spared, although we had straight line winds or a mini twister that came through our backyard, turning over huge trees. I was in bed when I heard the loud whistling that lasted only a few seconds. When I got up and looked out, I couldn't believe my eyes! Such huge trees in so little time! Later that night is when the tornado came through, just over the mountain across the street. If the tornado had come across the mountain, I might not be here to write this. The path of the storm was so wide! It came all the way from Tuscaloosa and was no less destructive. It's just that this area is not as populated as Tuscaloosa, thank God! Many towns in this state were wiped out or severely damaged, such as my friends' restaurant, Katie's Catfish in Rainsville. I'm so sorry, Karen, for your loss. I hope you and your family are OK.
      I know that people don't like onlookers driving by and gazing at their loss, but we did and I'm glad because I don't ever want to forget what I saw. Here are some pictures. The first ones are our trees in the backyard.

Nice home in Silver Lakes with no roof.

Cows wandering in Silver Lakes since pasture fence is gone.

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  1. Living in Wisconsin - over the years I could tell you stories of tornados....however, never like that! That was terrible! We have prayed for, many times, those people who were touched by that storm. My husband's boss took his camper trailer down to his sister-in-law in Alabama, because she lost over 1/2 of her house.


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