Monday, April 25, 2011

A penny for your thoughts

      No, make that a dime, inflation, you know! Joyce is teaching on thoughts again this week. Imagine that! Thoughts must be pretty important, since the majority of her teaching is about them. But seriously, what you are thinking about determines your mood, your attitude, and even your steps. I know we all have problems and difficult situations to face everyday, but with God's help, He guides us through much better than if we do it alone. Ask Him, and you will see.
      I haven't posted much lately, due to the fact that I am digging again. I will bring up some pics and show you later. I tried a new recipe, chocolate bread and it is delicious! All of the concrete work is done, so I will show you that as well. Hopefully soon, we'll have the carport to put the boat and camper under.

My little Easter bunnies!

After;driveway,turnaround and leading to camper, and soon coming carport!

Before; what I just said.

Japanese Maple and Azalea, purchased at Collinsville trade day.

Black and 

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