Friday, December 9, 2011

Guess what surprise I got late yesterday?

      I've been naming off shrubs, trees, and bushes that I'd like to have for our yard, to hubby;  he listens and takes note. There's one tree in particular I've been trying to acquire for a very long time, but without much success. He secretly ordered one and brought it in last night It is a Southern Magnolia! I could hardly believe my eyes, it was so big! He also had another plum tree, so now we'll get fruit. Those were my birthday presents, along with the artificial yellow roses on the table. My birthday is not until the fourteenth but that's O.K. with me! Having a birthday in December isn't so bad after all!
      I've been at home every day since Tuesday, so I thought I'd get out and go to an estate sale and Goodwill. I didn't score at the estate sale because everything was too high, but I sure did at the Goodwill! Since I've been reading all of these shabby chic cottage type blogs, they have influenced me towards that style of decorating. While looking around at the Goodwill, I found several items that fit that category. I was so excited! Have I said that already? It's really been like that for me these past two days. Most of these items only cost 50 cents, a dollar, or two dollars. Total: $14.68! Incredible! I read about that happening to others and I'm glad it happened to me. Now I'm going back to that estate sale in the morning and see what I can get for half price! There are a L-O-T of photos following, just to let you know. Have a blessed day!

Here she is! Southern Magnolia
Just so you can see the size of this thing: uncle Randy, Yas, and Layla.

Inside where its warm.

They had a blast. Look at Layla wearing my hat!

The whole house was a wreck with toys and coloring pages everywhere!

Day time view of the trees.

Lady Banks rose planted next to the arbor.

Better view of the Southern Magnolia.

Plum tree.

A dark purple iris blooming!

Meyer Lemon but the cold always gets him.

A couple of miniature roses still blooming.

Henny lays her egg in the big dog house.

Irises, Mexican petunia, butterfly bush.

Butterfly bush, peonies, clematis, waiting to go in the bed that needs to be dug yet.

Japanese maple, gardenia, and several other plants waiting.

The bed that needs finishing.

The bed that needs to be dug.

Hello Frosty! Will we get to see you again this year?

A wedding card I made on the computer.

Beautiful ending to a beautiful day!
My scores from Goodwill.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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