Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm working on some projects

      I found a burn tool that seems to work better than the Dremel. I purchased this a while back at Michael's with a coupon because I couldn't find the Dremel. Of course, as always, the Dremel showed up. I decided to use it first since it is a Dremel. I wasn't satisfied with the results. I like the Hot Marks better because it has more points that can be utilized on more projects; such as cutting out stencils. The point I used today worked much better and was able to cut the small curves. I like the more detailed look I get from using it. Another project that seemed to take hours was making my own gift tags. I searched Print Shop for just the right graphics, which took a long time, then I added the names. I saved these, so next time it won't be as time consuming.
      We celebrated my birthday yesterday at Red Lobster, and I have to admit, the food was not very good. I ordered the Admiral's platter since I wanted some fried shrimp. Normally, I order the grilled tilapia, but like I said, I wanted fried shrimp and this platter had everything. It all tasted like Gorton's frozen food from the grocery store! I was very disappointed! I guess that's what I get for eating at the Bonefish this past weekend! Bonefish is sooo goood!!! I didn't take photos of my cake because even though it tastes delicious, it fell! So I cut it in pieces and put it in the fridge. We had Winterlynn Tuesday and Wednesday so I have photos. She's really changing! Enjoy these photos. Blessings from Bama!

I've really been captured by our beautiful sunsets lately!

The last two days have been in the lower 70's here and this Iris opened.

Christmas name tags.
The top stencil was cut with the Dremel. The tool you see here is the Hot Marks. I like that fine point.

Here are the tools.

I have a hard time climbing the ladder to reach this. I actually couldn't do it the other day! I'll have to try again.

The ladder will reach; it just scares me a little.

Winn riding the horsey.

Winn and Mommie.

Winn riding  the human horsey!

Laughing and having fun! Cluttered counters, as usual.


  1. Aren't grandbabies the greatest thing in life! :) Stopping by to say thanks so much for your kind comment!

  2. Hello, So glad you stopped by! Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is Saturday! I have heard about Bonefish, my daughter thinks it's fantastic! I'll have to suggest this to my Dearest - I think there's one about 1 hour away!
    I appreciate you sharing about the burn tool! Love it! Your pictures are darling - I hope you have a blessed week and look forward to future visits!

  3. Love how you gave a comparison of the of these days I'll get around to trying this myself. Love the sunset pics!


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