Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yay! I've got PECANS!

      Y'all don't know how happy that makes me! I thought all my Christmas cooking was not going to happen this year, but thanks to hubby and Local Joe's, we've got some. They won't last long either, and we'll have to go back and get some more. Local Joe's is on Hwy. 411 like you're going to Canoe Creek. If you live in Etowah county, you probably know where that is. Local Joe's sells locally harvested fruits, nuts, veggies and even homemade jams,fried pies etc. They also have barbeque pork and chicken. They will have specialty items during the holidays.It's not close to us either. Hubby had to drive a ways just to get them, but he was glad to do it since I made a Hummingbird cake for him today! It used two cups of chopped pecans! If anyone local is reading this, I will make these and other deserts for you during Christmas. Leave me a comment or email me for more information. Hummingbird cakes also have pineapple and bananas with cream cheese frosting. They are so good!
      I've got my great-niece, Yasmine, with me spending a few nights. She's a trip! She wouldn't take her nap, but she rested on the couch watching a video or two, old ones of Barney and Rugrats. I thought that would help her but she still got wild. It's so funny when she hasn' t had her nap because she acts like a different child! I just gave her a bath and brought her downstairs to watch another video with Uncle Randy and she no longer got fixed on the couch until she went to sleep. That quick! I love spending time with all of my great-nieces because they are growing up so quick and change every time I see them, which is every week or two. Christmas will be really fun with them this year since they are out of the baby stage. Well, it's getting late and these photos will take awhile to download, so I'll talk with y'all later. Blogger is still doing some weird things but I'm thankful for my new, and not so new followers. Blessings from Bama! Enjoy these photos and leave a comment if you wish.

Glad to get these!
You wouldn't believe how long it took me just to paint these two stips! Needless to say, I haven't finished yet. Also not finished here is the grout. Wow! When will that get done? Anyone want to come and help?

Do you use colored or white lights! I wanted white, but all of them didn't work and these did, so colored it is. I like the look.

Layers of Hummingbird cake cooling.

Yasmine "resting".

I haven't made a three layer cake in a year or two so this one is a little unbalanced.

This is the making of my version of California Pizza Kitchen's chicken pizza. Say that fast three times!

Right out of the oven! It was delicious and we ate the whole thing!

The shelf after. It's not pink!

The other shelf after.


  1. I see what you mean about blogger. I am following, but it's not showing me. Strange. Glad you got your pecans. I know the drought here made them scarce. That pizza looks good!

  2. oooh, it all looks so yummy! Thanks for your recent visit,


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